GAMERS BEWARE This game will steal your money

I have been playing this game for about 3 months. I have built my base up to over 120M with my own money. I have not used bots or loaders or cheated in any way. Unfortunately this has no bearing on how this company handles you. 3 days ago I was banned with no reason or explanation. I have sent multiple emails to their support team and have received only they are reviewing the situation. I have also been calling their call center which is 415-371-1333. This is a total waste of time because all they do is take a message in which I have not been contacted back and this has been like I said 3 days now. All I keep getting is automated responses like I’m a robot or computer or something. I am in Sales Management for a living and this type of customer service is beyond horrible. I would tell everyone here to not buy packs or even play this game due to the fact that you can be banned for no reason at all and when this happens they don’t even give you a reason.

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Well Apple will credit the last 90 days of purchases if you can make a case to them… So if you have only been playing for 3 months you may get a full refund IF you can make a case to them. Good luck.


How do you build your base up to 150m in only 3 mos? That’s gotta be lvl 250+.

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by spending lot of money , anyone can.


You can also quote your support ticket number so that if any PX member sees it, they respond.
A good option is to tag @PGJared and @Arelyna

I’m android, but I will be calling my card company today.

my support ticket that they gave me and have still not explained anything is 1212520.

you have to play a lot and make sure you are in a good alliance as well as hitting as many of the challenges as you can. Money helps as well, but doing the others makes it faster

Ban appeals can take a little time. Not a justification, just explanation. I’m not sure if they have cleared the appeals from the last ban wave yet.

For what it’s worth from the cheap seats I hope you get your answer soon and, if your innocent, get everything restored.


I’ve been ‘Active’ or ‘Very Active’ for (a few days short of) 2 years, do well in events, etc… I’m level 216 w/ 136M defense boosted. I’m not one of the best players, most active, etc. - but to get that in 3 months must’ve cost a ridiculous sum. If you’re legit - I hope it gets resolved for you soon - that would be a shame to spend so much, all for nothing. :beers:

Well I am a little irritated as you can imagine due to the money I have spent

If you would like to contest your ban, the best way to do so is by filing a ticket with support:

Posting on the forums is counterproductive and a complete waste of your time and PG’s time. With the mass of tickets, be patient and watch that ticket conversation.


Yea, but did you buy rubies from a source outside of the game?..

I already have as well as follow up emails and phone calls. I have received generic statements telling me nothing as if I am a computer or robot.

no I never bought anything from outside the game which is another reason I have been so confused.

Stop relying to the ticket and be patient. Investigations take time.

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But why can no one tell me what the reason is this is happening. I have been told nothing. Communication is key and I am in sales. Customer service starts and ends with communication. I was banned with no message and no warning and I have done nothing wrong. With the amount of money I have spent I think I deserve some communication at the very least

  1. You got a message when you logged in.
  2. They are crazy backlogged with ban reports due to the high number of bans recently and only a few people do those. Like literally a handful.

Your ticket has been received and will be reviewed in the order it was received. That’s basically all the communication you’re going to get and all that’s due.

Yep, and replying to the ticket will push it to the back of the line every time.