Games all messed up 🤬

First started with only having one available pack in the store and other weird glitchy things happening…
I deleted then reinstalled and that made things even worse!
I’ve also only been getting rubies no chest in drops but this has been going on for over a day…

Some buildings look small now and 90% of my base has wood around it like it does right after an attack but it just doesn’t go away and other random stuff like Avatar has loading :o: like it’s just constantly loading.
Games also running slow!

Have put in a ticket. Haven’t replied to ticket but yet to hear anytbing.

I had a store problem tool - each package would change every 20 min on a timer. I was told to either reinstall the game or go into app manager and clear all the data and cache for this game. Worked fine after that. I had already gone into device manager and run the storage and memory checks and fixes.

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