Gap between sigils in prizes is too big

I am frustrated that I get 500 sigils at 720k points but the next sigil prize is three levels away at 1.9M

This is too big a step for me.


Most events are actually built up like this. There’s a (pretty substantial) amount of sigils you can get with very little effort, and then there’s a set of prizes that will take substantially more work. For lower scoring people it’s actually favorable, if the prizes were distributed more equally, it would mean the 720k prize would require more, not the 2m+ ones requiring less.


You’ll ramp up to the bigger prizes in a very short space of time. I remember the struggle, but before you know it you’ll be in the 2-4m point range


Everything previously said ^^

But I do understand how it is frustrating. I think the sigil disparities are most noticeable in fort and fight pits. FP goes from 43k to 96k without sigils, already being such a painful event lol.

Hangi leveldesin

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