Gap of 1.68 million points between second last (720k) and last (2.4m) reward tier

Title says it all. Caught me off guard, blew couple of thousands fire shards. And now there’s nothing left to do for me because it seems neither doable nor worth it to go for the last reward tier.

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The gaps are sort of ridiculous sometimes, I agree. Congrats on your progress, though :slight_smile:

Welcome to fortification?

Prizes have been this way for the past year, so not really that surprising TBH

Oh. First time I got this far. Sorry if it’s common knowledge.

It’s deciding whether to spend or not :slight_smile: . There’ll definitely be some who go far past it when you check individual achievements at the end of the event :see_no_evil:


sometimes I think these gaps are randomly generated. Some are practically no gap, others are huge gap.

Most gaps are double the gap between the current and the one two before it… so between x and x-2
or at least that’s what i thought it was

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