Gargula's ammunition

Is it just my imagination or does Gargula run out of energy faster than other hunters?
Has anyone else noticed this?

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they should have the same ammo count (8 base ammo) + research and runes.

You can check this by using all your ammo and then watch it regenerate 1 ammo each.

It’s probably my flying.
I thought they were all the same, but I’ll test it out

he does not fair well for me, Sekhem, hauheset, Frostbiter, Necryx I do fine with.

Gargula at garnet and I bite with him. Thought it was him but guess I just can’t fly him, haha. he does seem to run out quicker or less damage or something.

I thought the same thing, but I’m too lazy to do the maths :smile: it’s like he is short one or two shots at obsidian for sure

I don’t know for sure either but I can relate to your feeling. I’ve had the thought that his shots recharge slowly. Sometimes I pause to build a couple up for a burst and then one comes out and that’s it and I’m like “wtf.” It also could just seem that way because he’s often getting his tail whipped if he has no rage and I’m desperate for ammo.

Well Im glad it’s not just me.
I wonder if it’s just that Hunter energy research is bugged with Gargula.
I do fly hunters mostly and you get a feel for how many shots you need, yet I always seem to be a bit out. He should be exactly the same as Borgian but feels different.

Checked - 11 shots on Gargula and 11 on Borgian.
Everything’s looks fine.

It’s probably just my imagination then. And maybe not having cloak is a factor

you leveled it all the way to Obsidian? Why Seers Why!!!

miss you!

Coz he should be super fun, the steal spell is awesome, just his ammo feels off, I think it might actually be the regen time…and shup Mike​:frowning::two_hearts:

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He falls just short of being good IMHO.
If Stoneform cost 1 rage, or the resist was dark flak it’d be a much better Dragon.
It makes a bad base look terrible, and a good base look excellent.

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Good points, he’s still fun to use tho lol, rather than just bombing through a base blah😒 I do think there is some issue with his ammo all the same…if someone wouldn’t mind taking a look

Ya i liked Aster for the same reason, fun to fly even if it wasn’t a great dragon.

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This feels like Snowdrops cousin…

Was snowdrop fun to fly?:joy:

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