Garnet Tier Advice

Hi, I’ve done well last breeding event and will move now to Garnet tier today. Basically following Red’s Path but still have a question.
I’m ready to breed the following Dragons: Jul, Frostbiter, Renard and Ursa.
So what should be the best order? Planing on Breeding and Hatching at least 3 to work on at the same time.

Thanks in advance!

Do the one that you need for the next breed event. If it’s all the same, do the one that sucks the least. Frostbiter?

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  • Icicle path shouldn’t have Ursa before Jul
  • AA paths don’t use Jul / Got cheap Jul from AA

If you’re changing midway (start following one mid sapphire), straight to Jul and Ursa

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This, Actually I’m looking to get Mehaten at a cheaper way … I can breed right now, but it’s 1000 Mythic hits…Probably if I keep the right path he will show up probably free…

Have all Sapphire, but Mehaten…

This, plus no Garnet means that you’re not following her path.

  • Get Jul and Ursa, train both
  • Get Icicle (or if you can’t have him breedable due to level, get Renard)
    Then, get back to Red’s best.

Tks… Will get back on the right path… Just a question… At Red’s Best, it shows Ursa and icicle as minimum level 154 (I’m 147 waiting for fortification), but also shows Gorgonus as 154 (but I already have this Dragon)…

Guess so.
Then just breed Jul, Ursa, and Renard
Next fort, make sure to reach 162

Will do… But I will also need some extra eggs for Mission and Builders hut… Looks like I will get them only when Hatching Icicle, right?

Yeah, but Sapphire hut are enough to reach 162.
Icicle will be after you reach 162 (Icicle, Kyrule + Mehaten, and Ferga in one go)

No need to hatch Icicle for extra Garnet eggs.

what’s the best path to go through garnet quickly? I’d also like to get mehaten as a backbreed at some point.

You will get Mehaten as a backbreed when you breed Kyrule, parents would be Icicle and Renard if I’m not mistaken


Just found this… ways to breed Mehaten…

Please don’t use Amoebe anymore, it has not been updated for over two years, and it more disinformation by now. Use a modern site like alchemy almanach, wdstats or my own:

Will do… Thanks you…

Think Merlin will cry :joy:


Your listed options imply you are not on a path but breeding most or all of a level and moving on to the next. I say this because you said you are moving onto garnet (implying no current garnets) and you have Renard as a breeding option without listing Icicle (oddly a path title). I’d recommend getting on a path and sticking to it. Have you gotten sufficient sapphire eggs for builders huts for fort? If not, breed those post haste.


:joy: typed in a hurry, I knew something felt off about it…

Tks… I do have have enough Sapphire eggs… Need 4 Garnet eggs to upgrade to level 28 Builders hut… Actually I was on a path, but was eager to do better last breeding event and get mehaten (which I didn’t) that end up with all Sapphire Dragons (but Mehaten) …

In my experience, you breed for fort and you build to breed. Both are important and this way tends to keep them at the same level not to mention keeps you focused on gates you need to achieve for both building and breeding.