Garrison/ Defensive Troops

I’m sorry if this has been answered already, but I can’t find it. When we are credited 1 defensive troop for each troop that we currently have later today, which garrison will those troops be assigned to? Do they all go to the home base that we currently have set? If so, is there any way to move them from one garrison to another if we have one that has too many troops and another not enough? Is our only option from here on out to keep moving our home so that each time we build more troops our defensive troops are spread out accordingly?

The answer is out there. Search feature.
There are no ‘assigned troops’ to garrisons. Offensive troops will credit you team glory. Team glory is used to hire castle guard.

Okay so you can use team glory to hire castle guard and assign them to specific forts? Can they then be moved from fort to fort or are they permanently assigned to that fort?

Permanently to that fort i’d say. Else they would be pretty much the same as now.
Theres a reason for the change. They dont want players to hoard hundreds of thousands of troops and just move them to whatever castle needs defending.

My ledger has been showing incorrect troop count for about 15ish hours now. On the contribution page it is correct, however in ledger it does not include approx 11k worth of troops located on neither my rusher nor my destroyer. I have emailed pg but so far all I’ve rcvd 8/9 hrs later was “close out app and restart” :roll_eyes: ((as If I wouldn’t do these things before opening a ticket lol))

How do we know we will be given the correct amount of *team glory for castle guards? Should I escalate this ticket or is this a regular glitch others have experienced?

Also not if you add them together?

I have 67k total at the moment, ledger > asset shows only 54k and doesn’t show either one of my prims which have troops on them. However, if I click on ledger > contributions it does show the correct total for me there. :woman_shrugging:t2: All I know is my asset page is nearly 12k short on troops.

Ledger doesn’t show my destroyer or rusher at all, let alone the troops on them. Until yesterday anytime that I looked at the ledger it provided me with troops in barracks as well as all troops on each primarch. Unless this changed yesterday evening?

I’m extremely interested is seeing how PG think this update will go.

Firstly they added two changes which was mainly (1) the removal of personal troops from castles and adding it in players personal barracks and (2) introducing the flying primarch.

(1) as soon as shields dropped nothing was protecting castles and it was conquered and shields had to be put up again - PG to reinstate those castles and hopefully the gold (which is supposed to be used to build troops for the current event)

(2) flying primarch works more like hopping primarch which is extremely time consuming as you are choosing castle per castle and unable to avoid enemy castles at all. (Still no answer on how we will move between own castles without team portals which will fall away) so the Flying primarch will be more like a Sitting Duck.

PG will release the biggest Atlas update to date with will include but not be limited to:

award team glory (calculated by the number of troops a team owns by that time, this glory must be used to summon team troops (hopefully it’s instant) and added to our castles which will be our main defensive mechanism (need to plan as its permanent and can’t be removed)

Then we will be “designing” our fort AI base that will be linked to the fort level starting at a lvl 230 for a lvl1 fort and accumulating 30 levels per fort level. Not sure how this will work but apparently mages will be available and we will be able to design it as a team (?) so I guess we will have a number of different towers which will be accessed from where and by whom(?)

Not to mention Adding a buttload of new teams.

I’m not trying to sound negative but let’s be realistic for a minute…


My ledger shows the same - 4k less troops because the primarchs aren’t listed. If you go to Contributions page you should see that your primarchs troops are included there.

Edit: if your primarchs are not at your home castle then they won’t be listed in My Assets. @PGDave I hope this doesn’t impact Team Glory counting if troops are on primarchs.

Home Island with Rusher there (2nd primarch is elsewhere and not showing)


Changed my Home Island, but left Rusher at previous home. Now Rusher’s troops have disappeared from Asset screen.

Moved home and one prim has started showing in asset!
However… I’m confused bc yesterday morning and every single day prior to that, it always showed me every castle where I had troops (which I know is now barracks since update) as well as troops on any active prims no matter the location or troop number. Why are prims now left out of asset just bc they aren’t at home castle? Lol

My largest concern though, which is why I opened the ticket last night and why I posted here, is that the troops on other prim (not at home) will not count in total troops (ie team glory for castle guard) I really hope that isn’t the case. Still don’t understand why my other prim and 5.8k troops aren’t considered an “asset” :woman_shrugging:t2:

I’ll try to answer all the Q’s here, though if I miss something please bump the thread.

We’ll be crediting team glory, not guards … so each team can desire where (and if) to hire guards. Guards cannot be moved once hired. We’ll be counting troops in your barracks and in on your primarchs (we’re not relying on the ledger, but instead on a system-wide sweep and secondary backup count to sanity check everything).


Thank you @PGDave

Your troops are no longer on castles - they are in your Pocket Dimension Barracks. Think of this like The Construct from The Matrix where they could call up any number of accessories then go to fight.

The primarch troop counts not showing in My Assets is a bit wonky still.

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  1. When can we expect to have our two castles back and will it be with our level and gold that was in it.
  2. Will “summon team troops” be instant
  3. How will the new base work that will be protecting our castles
  4. How will we travel between our own castles if team portals falls away
  5. How will we be able to travel to anywhere on the map within a time if 10min?
  6. If an alliance member is sitting on one of our castles why are we blocked from hitting mines, primarch ir using mines?
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I’ll post as I think of more :joy::joy:

  1. If you created a group of players to assist you in testing stuff, why not use them?
  1. For teams only getting Atlas now, isn’t it unfair that previous event gear doesn’t give the buffs?
  1. Will we have enough time (taking in consideration the difference time zones) to get our defense up and ready?
  1. Can we get some communication going this new “team bases” that will be protecting our castles. I figured out that it starts at lvl 230 and jumps 30 levels with each fort level. How will the construction of this base work? Will we have unlimited access to towers (to the level that permit as per fort castle) ? Who will be able to construct this and will we be able to make changes to it whenever?