Garrison/ Defensive Troops

  1. Who will be able to use team glory? Only officers or all governers?

  1. I guess 12 is where you tell us you didn’t mean it when you said you’ll answer all questions because team glory was just assigned


At least I tried.

  1. Is the trigger amount of troops still a factor or not? Is it like before?


\1) Will be resolved today. Team is talking about it as I type.
2) Yes, for now.
3) Echo will provide details. It will vary based on fort level.
4) Kill everyone in your way / carve a path to a neutral highway / install allies in adjacent territory in order to get access to the neutral castle highway
5) You can travel to opposite corners within 10min or less if there’s a clear path. You can approximate this by going from one neutral castle near one corner to one in another corner. We literally chose the flying speed based on this 10min goal and the measured corner-to-corner distance.
6) You shouldn’t be blocked. Sounds like a bug.
9) Echo is looking into extending the pvp free period a bit more to give teams some extra time to decide how to use their team glory.
10) @pgEcho
11) Marshal, Governor, Officers & Team Leader (similar to other infrastructure powers)
13) Can you remind me what “trigger amount” refers to?


Before shields pop up if attacked


@panda interesting don’t you think?


So…you want teams to take all the level 2/3s? or just kill off the lower ranked teams…like all the time?


The # of troops destroyed needed to trigger shield isn’t displayed anymore


It’s pretty obvious EVERYONE wants to keep team portals…
Why are you insisting on removing them???


more Atlas battles and large blocks owned by 5-team alliances - 250 castles of death and destruction!

  1. MegaDread
  2. SuperNMO
  3. RainbowHouse (bigger than just a Room)
  4. DiagonAlley (for fun)


Ok. Maybe I wasn’t entirely clear on my questions. I’ll have to rethink them and make it easier to understand the complications that will occur in game


Here I’m referring to castles that were conquered during the time where the troops were removed from our garrison and put in something that PG calles a barracks.

In the past a member of a team built troops using gold that they got by attacking mines and occasionally by attacking another player in wd.

Gold is basically the start point of Atlas. To play Atlas you need troops. Troops are built with gold…please stop me if you know this step…


Gold is also used to level up infrastructure on a castle that you own.

A castle consists of a
HQ ( Head Quarter)

The higher your bank the more rss you can hold, the higher your other levels can go.

The higher your Fort, the better your defense and boosts


So my point of concern for nr1 is that we owned two castles with decent infrastructure. This was endorsed with defensive troops… oh wait… I’d probably have to explain that first…

Ok. So in the beginning… in a land dar far away we had castles that you could defend by placing the troops you’ve built with gold you’ve harvested.


Should I continue?


Flattered to have made your list… but have no idea how you came to that conclusion :man_shrugging:t3:
Maybe, you should do a map check?


It wasn’t a true conclusion and had nothing to do with the map as it stands today. Merely a reference to the potential outcome if you play it the way PG has it set up. You could ally with your 4 nearest neighbors and have one mega-block of 250 level 2/3 castles plus whatever 4/5 castles…


Is it too late to just suggest returning to the Prior Game Mechanic of “Placing Individual Troops” on our own islands? Seemed to work just fine. ;))


Slider is broken… and you cannot type number in for Castle Guards…

And it’s doesnt seem to be calculating correctly either when placing them.