Gauntlet, a quick suggestion

So out of the events left, gauntlet is one of the couple that I actually still like. But one suggestion that would make it a lot better and more fun is a simple one. Currently energy cost still only resets every 24 hours. It would be much better if it were to reset at the start of each PvP instead allowing more team members to participate in more PvP’s.

You want 8 times the current cheap energy? Might as well ask for a free mythic to go with it.


With this, I’m afraid that the prize cost will increase to 400% - 800%…

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PvP part for this event is every 3 hours so might be a lot and PG still likes to make some money, however other events have energy cost resets every 12 hours. It gets boring when you only able to do one run every hour because you do not have 100s of energy packs. Why not increase energy cost resets for this event to at least match the others?


  1. Bronze still drops energy packs…
  2. Only 10 packs for 100 energy, and 30 packs for 200 energy (which means 50 packs in total for 100 energy each reset)

Where does one collect said free mythic?


There are three other pvp events. All of them have different energy resets (KW 24h, TR 12h, FP 6h). So your request is pretty much already fulfilled, as it already matches one of the others…

And yes, it would probably make sense to level them all to 12h, but I worry about the score rebalancing that would come with that…

So decreasing the wildfire cost and making it harder to get easy points from Mega’s (which I’m sure hurt their pockets more than this would) are good things? But asking for energy costs to reset more often to increase interest and participation is a bad thing?

I don’t get the logic behind these opinions but I still think it’s worth looking into.

I have no idea what you’re on about now. But then again, from the looks of it neither have you.

If they make the energy reset shorter, they will increase the points needed to get to each prize as well. You’ll end up spending just as many resources and more time for the same rewards.

Also, please use the search button next time, your exact suggestion has been brought up, and answered as to why it’s a bad idea, many times.

Also clear is the fact that the search function wasn’t used before you created this thread. This has been asked more than a few times, and the issue is that if the energy reset gets shortened, prizes will conversely require a higher point threshold. It’s not that it’s bad, just that it doesn’t do anything good either.

That being said, feel free to discuss in the gauntlet V2 thread here: