Gauntlet, be able to select level of PVE opponent

During this Gauntlet, I did quite a few re-rolls of attacks to get desired level of PVE opponent (I could only do 60 and below). I think this is a bad use of randomness as it doesn’t add anything except frustration. A better solution, imo, is to just let the player select the level themselves (from the existing random pool on each Island, I’m not suggesting all Islands necessarily being available for everyone).

Any thoughts?

Honestly the window where those 10-20 levels really matter is so small, I don’t think it would be worth the development effort. Better to get some teammates to back you up for the few runs where this is an issue. By the time this event comes by again you’ll likely be high enough level to clear all the bases (assuming you’re not in sapphire league).


On next or the following Gauntlet, I believe that you’ll be able to hit much higher :wink:

Keep progressing well in Breeding…

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I agree this might not be a top priority issue, but it would help even out a bit of a rough new player experience.

Fun Fact: This weighted base level average existed in the data from years ago but didn’t actually work as intended until the TG event June 5th this year


TG is pretty boring when it comes to attacking PvE bases. I’m still low level (170-ish) but all dragons in my roster (mainly garnets and a few saphs) are able to defeat any Gustav bases without even really paying any attention to the run. (Sometimes I run them blindfolded, just to have a little more fun! :see_no_evil: Sometimes I even let Apophet’s shadow do all the job without my actually touching the screen! :joy:)

I would therefore really love to be able to select higher-level PvE bases – even if this gave insignificant additional points! It would be fun to find out what maximum level Gustav base you’re able to defeat with various dragons.

I don’t think choosing your own target is a thing pg would implement without making the lower targets worth fewer points, but i agree it’s dumb use of randomness and having to reroll to get a killable base is frustrating slow and unfun.

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There is!!!

It’s called leaving platinum league and joining a diamond team :slight_smile:


Do it! Worked for me.

Don’t sit behind that fence wondering what it’s like for the top 2500 players. Go find out.


Easier said than done. Any D team accepting players below 200? :eyes: (Garnet)
at the moment

Mine took me in at level 169 with Garnets. Life sucked badly for a while but it got better around ummm, level well… Next fort. Say level 402. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Given your crazy growth, it’s worth :laughing:
Also, need to say right now

I actually re-rolled to get higher bases so I could complete egg missions.

There could be selectable bases as in the temple guards. I’d like to have at least an 84 option on each island.

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Marianas got a workout this gauntlet event… boring A. F.

Is this a firm offer? :laughing:

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Gotta tag @forScience for this :laughing:
Don’t forget to SS the offer :grin:

Last I checked, Dread was holding a spot with an alt. Did you app them too?

There’s no offer implied, though :stuck_out_tongue:

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Of course not. But you know the saying: nothing ventured, nothing gained! :grin:

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