Gauntlet Blackblood PVP is devastating to points/progress

I’ve never encountered it before, but this event our team got out to a slow start (or rather, other teams go out to a faster than usual start), and we got stuck in the bottom, and drew our first Blackblood PVP.

There are three problems with this implementation of dealing with the odd number of teams.

  1. it does not appear to be distributed fairly - we’ve drawn the PVE base 5 out of the last 7 rounds, 3 PVE, 2 PVP, 2 PVE.

  2. the victory points available are only the base 224k. No bonus point potential.

The combination of 1&2 makes it extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible, to get out of “the pit”.

That brings us to

  1. the points for a mega on the Blackblood PVE are << than a regular PVP.

~ 9000 points for a regular PVP mega
~ 7200 points for a PVE PVP mega

That’s a 20% hit. During the bonus week, this is particularly devastating.

@PGGalileo this is something that needs to be addressed.

I filed a ticket with support, but all I get is “we are aware of this and will forward your comments”. Not that I expect anything different, but this has been around some time, and I suspect is very low on the “problems to fix” list, if it is there at all.

Three adjustments are needed - distributing the PVE_PVP more evenly, say across the bottom 5 teams, a point adjustment for the VP awarded (maybe a typical amount for a bonus among the bottom 5 teams can be given), and a point adjustment for individual points. As it is, the PVP_PVE is ever so slightly higher than the points for Gustav.


I think if it were rotated evenly between the 5 lowest teams it would be a good change. I don’t think the points should be changed too drastically, perhaps to be worth about what you’d get for hitting the 90-100 point player on another team because they are way easier than hitting real bases.

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They could improve the PVE options - as it is the Platinum PVE top base has level 90 towers, which is certainly behind the times.

However, if the distribution is improved, the impact of drawing the PVE PVP is certainly less, both on team VP and personal points.

Personal points are better on those pve islands if you do not do megas. Stacked supers will give you mote personal points and use fewer inner fires.

I have a love-hate relationship with that island. The points suck on it and inner fires are devalued. So it really isnt worth dropping megas on. However it is a really easy island to grind with Krelos that you can burn a few extra 100 energy pretty quick while doing something else.
Whenever my team gets it we call supers only and use it for stacking points and saving on rss.

I do feel something needs to be changed because as said it basically sets it up for where you can never get out of the bottom and constantly get it. I’d like to see the difficulty increased on it and for it to give higher personal points with a more even occurance as also mentioned above. Or they could just get rid of it and make leauges 26 teams instead of 25

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Yes, that’s true for all PVP in general, but the point of the illustration was to highlight the point disparity. It could have been done with supers as well, but was easier for megas, as that’s what I pretty much do exclusively these days due to time constraints.

That’s probably the easiest solution, make leagues even numbered and you don’t have to touch the event code - we know how that goes.

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Tbh I would rather have the pve that what happened with a number of teams in our league on the pvp island that was next to last.

It never showed!!!

There we were, sitting and waiting, armed with Megas. We were in first place by a nice margin but wanted to solidify our place. We were counting down, 3 minutes to go. One or two more arrived. 1 minute… wait… where’s the pvp? Go to the event screen pvp in 3.1h

Look at the standings and the 2nd and 3rd placed teams had switched place. Go to league chat and a number of teams had their countdown for pvp reset. We kick ass killing the islands to try and make up for loss of space between us and second place but obviously the team in second are doing the same.

Last pvp arrives and there is around 200k between us and the team in 2nd place. Our pvp arrives and it’s the team in 6th place. We win and think it’s over. Head to look at the standings and nope, we are in second place as the team now in first managed to get a better match and steal more points from their opponent. There was still a 200k point difference so we run the remaining islands to try and make up the points in the remaining 35 mins or so left.

Event ends with us in second place by a gap of 100k points. Surely if we had received a pve island we could have made those 100k points?

Now, I am not criticising those who came first in the league. I even congratulated them in league chat for giving us a fantastic fight all through the event. What I am criticising is way this was done by missing a crucial pvp island for some teams which stunted their progress whilst allowing a pvp island for others giving an unfair advantage at a pivotal time in the event.


Agree with team stratification fix. Even number of teams such as 1-20 or 1-30 if they have enough teams in a league. I think the problem may be more on diamond teams end as there is less teams in the league?

Or 24… might help fill lower leagues a little.

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