Gauntlet Island chain values the same for gold and platinum?

Are they meant to be the same?

For example, both have

15638 Poison Isle
18244 Flyby Isle

My Plat 3 team is having no problem, but it is very slow going for our Gold 1 team. Seems odd they’d have the same progression.


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Thanks. Values slightly different but close enough - main point is only difference seems to be the Base Level, and PVP island values. Guess gold team is just doggin’ it.

The only difference is Base level.

PvP island difficulty multiplier are the same too between the leagues, they are based on how far down the PvE island chain you are. The PvP multiplier grows the further you complete

Sorry not clear - I meant the number of hit points to take down the PVP island, e.g., Gold is 20 k, Platinum 30 k.

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:thinking: Not with PvP island. The health is always the same (league difference)

Edited to change it to PvP island difficulty modifier to be more specific

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I’m having bases of random levels coming off the same island. I.e Claw Island having bases lvl 60,75 and 90 changing each time you enter. Really messing up the lower levels on my team in gold on the first island.

I have been seeing that with the pve islands to having like 2 or 3 different ones on the same island don’t recall that happening last gauntlet

Last Gauntlet has similar data on that part…

The data has been there for years. I’m just not sure it was working properly…

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Typo in table. Difficulty for Vampire is 2.0.

Sorry you are incorrect

My gold team has completed Vampire but not Gustav. “Island chain difficulty” reads 2.0 after finishing a run against Gustav. So the difficulty is applied for the island you are attempting, not something you are rewarded with after completion. Is it the same way for PVPs? i.e., do you get the 2.1 multiplier after completing Storm while you are attempting Vampire, or do you have to complete Vampire first to earn the 2.1?

That is because you are attacking Gustav…So you get the multiplier for that PvE island. The PvE islands have their difficulty locked to the island no matter how far you progress.

The PvP island difficulty is locked to the furthest.

If i’ve made the “How to read” notes difficult please let me know.

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