Gauntlet PVP Tips and Strategy

I know the timing of this post is poop (due to terribly busy work hours this week), but hopeful this video helps for future Gauntlet events.

In this video I try to explain the basics of how Gauntlet works, with the differences between PVE (chain islands) and PVP islands and how points are scored.

Some of the information was taken from a post/table from Mech (:raised_hands:).

I also do my best to explain with charts and graphs the importance of advancing down the PVE islands at the very start as far and as fast as possible to maximize the possible points earned from the PVP islands.

This may a harder concept to 1) learn about as a beginner 2) understand 3) get on board with without fully understanding - but I hope this video helps everyone see that working as a team at the start to progress down the PVE islands will actually not only benefit the team, but the individuals as well.

(Sorry to those is Saph/Diamond with higher point requirements for each islandโ€ฆ)


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