Gear and Arcanum rune line value analysis

This week PG introduced two new one-week line types. Because they’re quite different from earlier lines, I’ll put a short value analysis here. You can also find the season lines in my sheet here.

Arcanum Runes and Glyphs branches

First thing to notice here is that this is not one 30k sigil branch. It looks like one, but it’s in fact four separate branches of 3 nodes eachm, that you can start individually.

Next good news is that the rune dust is very good value. 12m dust for 1k sigils is a lot better than the 3m dust for 500 sigils we normally get in exotic rune lines. And since each of the 4 lines starts with this, you can grab 48m rune dust for 4k sigils. This is very good deal, highly recommended if you ever find your self without rune dust.

Then come the 300 chisels for 1500 sigils. These are also not bad, comparable to what we normally see. If you need chisels you can certainly pick these up.

Then come the runes and glyphs. All are the same cost, and they come in +12% HP and Attack variants (with no secondary). And they’re restricted to work on arcanum tier only.

Now +12% is absolutely mighty, only the old Leos rune could match that, and these are a solid boost. However the fact that they only work on arcanum with a new tier coming out this season means they’ll only be really good for half a season. For me, that’s way too short to warrant the rather massive 5000 sigil cost. I would pass on these.

Elite wind gear branch

This one does not look very enticing. The “filler” prizes are ok, but not especially attractive. The sigils they cost are pretty closely matched to the value of the drops.
The gear pieces however feel significantly overpriced. In earlier trading posts one piece was 400 or 500 sigils, which made it a reasonable deal for players with no atlas access. These pieces cost nearly 1200 sigils each, just for the gear nodes, which is way too much. It would be an ok (if still not great) line if it got you a full set, but for half a set it’s a hard pass.

There are repeatable timers at the end, but also at a rather meh value. Not terrible, but really not worth getting the line for, there are better options out there.

Also surprised that the line doesn’t include a bunch of shards to upgrade the gear, instead of timers and energy, that would make more sense for the no-atlas target audience. If the next edition contains 8 pieces and ~500k crafting shards of the right elements that would make this line a lot more relevant. As is, skip.


Thank you morr🌟 great analysis as always


I am curious if anyone does buy the runes if they are equippable on dragons (unusable) not at the correct tier. For divines passing through? Or even for Quasar as he max’s at Arcanium.

Thanks for the write up Morrien. I have also been wondering why shards aren’t available in these lines.

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No they cant be equiped . They work on arcanum tier only .

Also if someone puts them in an Arcanum Jalkaan or Kinarixx and evolves into the next tier when it releases the rune it will not work


ya… arcanum only? easy pass. nice try PG.

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Thanks for the breakdown. May go for some of the rune dust since I always need it but definitely not going for runes with such a short shelf life. Total ripoff, even more so with them not even matching the 15% they told us yesterday.

I’m very sad we got this nonsense instead of a trading post this week.


Agree - is trading post retired now?

Great analysis!!

I don’t even know if 500k crafting shards for 3 different elements would get me over the line. That might not even get all 8 pieces to L1

Restricting it to one element also seems fairly limiting.

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For the price, the gear pieces should be lvl 10.


There are usually two trading posts a season. This one (if there is one) is definitely on the late side as it’ll be coming up in week 8 at the earliest.

Was week 8 last season too, so not that late…


Felt last season it was honestly a little late. It was only a week difference from earlier seasons but the pacing just felt off. PG would probably make take in more revenue if they planned their limited time releases a wee bit better.

Personally I’m in a position to get them. There is one driving reason why I won’t…

We don’t need another add on just to keep the status quo. Like the base boost line, if we support limited use runes there is a good chance that they will end up being needed just to play at end game and it will continue to kill competition at the top end by adding another level of pay to win. There isn’t enough competition up there as it is, we do not need anything else that would discourage E2P or F2P from trying to compete. It’s not just something that will impact the next 4 months, but something that will impact every tier moving forward.

While I appreciate PG recognizing that end game dragons have a very short life span, I do not think adding a cost to those dragons with runes specific to their tier is the way to go.


I’m just disappointed the sigil cost is so high; especially, for a rune/glyph with limited use and is an untested concept. But do find the concept interesting.

Would have liked to try it out and see how viable the model would have been. If PG had priced in the 3.5k-5k sigils, would have gotten at least one and tested it out. But not knowing how valuable this model is, not pissing away 7.5k sigils.

PG should have offered this mechanic at a much lower cost in order for most end game players to test it out. Then adjust value on feedback. Oh well, an interesting idea that won’t get its full due.

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This is an extra product that you can either get or skip . Is it vital for all , of course not . Is it useful for some , yes it is .

Why you keep saying it was untested ?

Has PG ever offered a branch with runes/glyphs that only impacted a tier of dragons?
Do we know how long these runes/glyphs will actually impact performance of the dragons?
Does 7.5k sigils correspond to the benefit one will receive? Or for example - is the 7.5k sigils better used on keys and a second seasonal mythic?

Usually, when a new concept is introduced you want an introductory price in order for people to test it out and see how viable the mechanic is.

Next tier isn’t out to see what the impact is :woman_shrugging:

Maybe if PG broke down the value better… i.e. xx arcanum dragon needs an increase in ap of xx or hp of xx to make it perform against 127 towers and this against 130 towers compared to 125 towers.

Most players have zero idea what a 4% boost would do against next tier towers, assuming that they are taking off a rune with 8% and losing it’s secondary.

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Consider this the test then lol

With one of the runes/glyphs - you can do runs equipped and unequipped to get an idea of its effectiveness. You can also determine how far into the next tier one - or both (rune/glyph) - allow the dragon to be effective.

Not sure why having the new tier out right now makes a difference - when you will have the rune/glyph when it does.

Holy shit. Going back to work where some understand the idea of the scientific method.

Hilarious :joy: going back to where people will pretend to be impressed when you say something like that, despite obviously having no idea what it means.