Gear and Arcanum rune line value analysis

I think the issue is that it sets a precedent that 20k sigils for throwaway runes will become an essential part of the games meta going forward.

I think most people would feel better about temporary runes if they had 3-4 keys included.

Then it would feel more like a choice rather than a mandatory cost increase to play the game for 1-5 weeks of every second season.

I get the reason why it was done and maybe the intentions were good I just question if long term if this is the right path to go down.


Seriously, 5000 sigils & we don’t get to move them to other dragons?

Utterly ridiculous. Totally will pass on those for sure

Just to see if I am on the same path of thought here…They made this limited time, branch exclusive rune set…Because…sorry I honestly don’t know why…Are the Arcanum dragons that poor that it takes runes to make them viable?
Yes I could have a stronger dragon for a few months but…What would I really gain? Asking sincerely



No because they’re still trash.
Helminn and Phasma are the exceptions but even 24% in runes wouldn’t make that dumpster fire of a mythic warrior good. Now if the runes works on him while he was perched, that would be another story


I feel like we have had some pretty cool and unique spell kits in the past but now the designers have hit a creative wall trying to deliver kits that are fun / rewarding , balanced and “fresh”

It does suck to spend so many eggs on a mythic arcanum dragon that is only useful as a perch dragon and thats assuming you have a mythic wind set lying around.

Thanks for the detailed review.

Personally I believe I may spend my sigils on exotic rune(s), in the case new tier isn’t coming on next breeding so Helminn will last longer on his place.

So far it just appear a trash to get these runes. I like exotics and was wondering when the first dragon rune/glyph would have been released but this way of doing it is not good.

Thanks as always Morr :+1::man_dancing:

When the PG team were devising this, I have a nasty suspicion that when they changed the remove cost to zero, they may have been “hey, yeah, and if it’s free to move then they can swap it between dragons every flight and it’s always free for every arcanum dragon, right?! It’ll be a great asset!”

Trouble is you still have to pay for the the other rune swap so, actually, the zero cost to remove means that’s only of benefit when ditching the rune, swapping it will always cost the customer…

I’ve been trying to come up with the winning logic was for this trial and I just can’t yet :man_shrugging:

It appears it is only free to move when it is invalid. So swapping between dragons would only be effective for divines moving through and beyond that tier. And yes the other rune/glyph removal would still cost rubies.

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Thanks @Morreion for your great analysis as usual. Personally I’m not going for these. No keys and no time extended value for a so high price. OK we’ll have to wait for new tier but what is the worth of a level limited rune? It might be interesting if it can effect higher tiers once it has been purchased but in this way is really limited. Nice try @PGGalileo but no worthy

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