Gear and Scrolls

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Looking at the ratio of shards, scroll and how they affect the ability to forge things, may need to increase the ability to obtain scrolls perhaps?

They seem to only be available through the Bazaar but the cost of the Blue Diamonds is still very high so that might need to come down or possibly even remove the scroll component in general?

Right now the Blue Diamonds serve a very odd function, they are a bit of a bronze and gold chest combined but seems a bit stuck in the middle.


If it helps, those blue diamonds are called keystones. Just for the sake of clarity

Scrolls drop in some events, as well as keystones. No changes planned in this area right now, be we are thinking about how the trading bazaar stacks up versus the more traditional armory.

What other events? I’ve seen them only in the crafting event. It’s like rider stones. Very few events have them at an obtainable prize tier for the average player.

I’ve been through 5 or so crafting events now. I was in the Sapphire II add. And I haven’t started with more than 1k scrolls yet.

More scrolls please

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