Gear buffing SS, double dipping

I just was put on to this which makes no sense.

Gear gives an attack buff, and throughout the game attack is the normal attack, but somehow gear buffs both?

This is bad cause it’s double dipped, both normal and SS gets buffed. If they want gear to help SS then put it in the line at a %, yes it’d have to most likely take some away from normal % so it’s a strategy of choice. Say 5% normal or 2% SS split choice within the rider branch (SS buffs should be less than normals as they already way more power).

This explains my lightnings 26%, SS buff runes not working post, as sorcerer perched is 15% plus riders 11.3% attack buff is 26.3%, runes still dead though.

Edit: Noobs post 49 @Arelyna @Crisis we get a check on if intentional or not and how y’all plan to correct?

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mostly cause towers dont shoot normal and supers at the same time…


How does that change the double dip? When you double dip a chip it’s not holding it in longer (normal and SS firing together) you’re getting the dip twice.

GPF is “to help ensure we’re making our game balance decisions based on the best information possible.” (From announcement thread) how y’all not see how this isn’t correct?

The biggest issues with this is

  1. attack % buffs of everything else is normal only

  2. SS boosts should be lower than normal as SS is already, in the case of max DF, over 4x normal already. This is like the reason most spells don’t have a shield and heal effect as it would be to much double dipped. Or like it’s been said with Lethal Barrier it shouldn’t be equal to Explosive damage as it’s a white, it’s got the perk of being a white spell boost already so shouldn’t have same power.

For correction I said option 1 of split the branch to choose one or other.
Option 2 if they wanted to easily boost both then have it say “5% to attack and 2% (changeable but lower is correct) to SS”.

As I’m probably confusing in my explanation can you please ask what’s not making sense and how you perceived it so I can try to clear it up.

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Because there is no double dip - you are fabricating it/ argumentative fallacy.

It buffs ALL attacks, just like it buffs ALL defense, it doesnt just buff the HP when the tower isnt supershotting, or randomly when it feels like it, 50% of the time.

So if it were to buff only one attack type and not the other, the damage over time buff would be less than advertised.

Towers have a certain damage over time - this is the viable average damage of a tower until it is destroyed. This is offset as the balance between the dmg outgoing and the dmg incoming. If you buffed only half of the outgoing dmg, you will fundamentally change the balance of attack vs defense.

You are literally asking for the inverse of the “capped 41” tower fiasco, where the baseline dmg of towers stopped going up, yet you kept paying for more.

TLDR: there is no double dip


No other buff does this

HP is only defense to buff… that whole statement confuses me.

We are not given a damage over time number, we’re given a normal and SS number from which a rate of fire makes a DPS. This dps will vary greatly on how you do SS, spam them or not use them, so most dps calcs is purely on normal attacks and rate of fire.

Secondly, nothing is less than advertised if one vs other. If it states 15% attack then attack is buffed 15%, the current way is more than advertised which is both attack and SS boosted.

Correct is correct, most boosts applied go only towards normal attacks. Unless they are specifically stated to boost SS damage which aren’t the main availability. If you look at the research tower atk boosts are throughout, but SS boosts are spread thin. This is good keeping SS boosts lower than normal.

I do see why no one has mentioned this as heck ya it’s great having both boosted, SS does 800% base normal with 100% gear :scream:, but it ain’t right. It’s awesome, for the ones with gear, as it means SS is death sentence, but from logic standpoint it’s incorrect to boost a boost the equal amount of the base, then even worse to have it a hidden thing most won’t notice.

Heck I forgot to ask about this part

I don’t see similarity?

Think of it as spell scaling is active with towers just like it is with dragons.

Ok so wouldn’t that mean giving an equal boost to a boost is incorrect? White spells do less damage of their colored counterparts?


I’m not sure what you’re not getting about this.

You increase the towers attack by a certain percentage. You correspondingly increase the towers ss by the same percentage. That tower has received a certain percentage increase.
There’s no double dipping, just consistent application.


A spell is a boosted attack.
Gear now boosts this boosted attack.

I thought the comparison was pretty straight forward.

Don’t bring color into this since there isn’t a similar mechanic the other way unless you really want to try and stretch it and relate it to resists or something



Incorrect as SS is not calculated from normal attack, but it’s own number. Boosting atk of towers does not boost SS or every other atk buff you’d see a change in the SS.

Ok this is where I see a difference. Spells are based off atk or hp numbers so boosting those numbers should boost the spells.

SS I don’t think are a % of normal, thus separating the two so we can boost atk but SS is unaffected, every other boost only applies to one or the other.

If SS was a % of attack then the whole dynamic would be different but as it sits separate it’s boosting a boost an equal amount as regular.

The comparison here is boosting a boost. White spells are a boost being white and unaffected by mages, so lowering their damage or buff is correct so they don’t boost a boost. SS is a boost above normal, so gear doing both is the same as keeping white spells actions the same as the colored spell counterparts.

I personally think you’re reading into it way too much. Is a SS an attack? Yup (unless it’s one of the ones that are shields or HP buffs, etc…) So if I put an attack buff on something I expect it to buff ALL attacks.

It really sounds like you are trying to create some kind of issue where there is none.


This. The best information possible.

In the sense that not every ss does damage, then you’re correct. But let’s take a dark flak tower. I have a 100%+ gear attack buff. That 100% attack buff is going to apply to both the attack of the tower AND the super shot damage.

Else we would have bases where the normal attack of the tower would far exceed the damage of the super shot; the inverse of what was happening pre 4.00 fiasco (where the normal damage of towers were artificially capped, but the ss kept increasing for towers 41+).

Gear is not double dipping, it’s being consistent.


This. Doesn’t. Happen. A tower EITHER fires a normal shot OR a supershot.

I encourage you to find a vid to prove me wrong.


I know that don’t happen, never said it did.

delete this thing, Thx


30% base boost…
Combat boost…
The old season boost…

They all increase both supershot and normal shot damage.

There is no double dipping - its consistency

If with 0 gear your dmg boost is X the tower does y dmg and z super shot dmg, equipping enough gear to double X will logically double Y and Z.


Since no forum rules are being broken the thread will remain :sweat_smile:

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