Gear buffing SS, double dipping

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This is true for spells where z is a product of y, but tower damage isn’t that way they separate.

I guess the issue is

  1. atk % of towers normally pertains to only normal atk so gear doing both is confusing. Things going to SS say SS. Things going to atk say atk. Gear says atk but goes to both.

  2. Increasing both equally with the same item tips the balance scale. Normal lvl 75 DF atk is 100% and SS is 432%. Increasing both equally 100% is 200% and 864%. I see this as unbalanced considering SS starts at 432% more already so shouldn’t get equal increase in terms of balance.

But it is OK that the rider gear buffs the dragon to 100% Attack, as well as scaling any spells based on attack, but not fair that the towers get the same buff?

Next, lets look at a cannon tower. Level 75 cannon tower with no runes, research or gear:
Attack: 3.381M
Special: 5.071M
And say we had 100% attack boost on this tower that did NOT buff the special attack:
Attack: 6.762M
Special: 5.071M

So the “SUPER SHOT” would be less powerful than the standard attack, yet it would break a shield.

I say don’t mess with it, there are plenty of dragons that if flown well can take down the strongest bases in the game.


Do you really have to try and play devils advocate on every single topic?


Why? Why do you think that is unbalanced?
You do realize that base is facing Five dragons with up to 100%+ gear on it right?
So if df normal is 100% and ss is 442% of that vs a 100% dragon
Now with both getting gear it’s 200% and 864% vs a 200% dragon

Reduce fractions

100% normal 432% ss vs a 100% dragon.

What is wrong with that? Yes it incentivized getting gear, but that’s kind of the point of why they introduced gear, right?


No they aren’t. They both get doubled when the attack buff gets doubled.

You are arguing that you want them separate and thus want to change how gear works.

But wishing something different, and then using that imagined reality as the point of departure of " how things are" for your arguments doesn’t make it so.


I just had a moment of clarity…

Moving this to suggestions where it belongs, since that is all that is as opposed to the bug/issue/problem/whatever that it is being presented as.

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:+1: this does it. Gear to both towers atk keeps even to dragon gear.

Does 22% all tower attack increase SS 22% too?

So with towers being separate for all besides gear and dragons together, now we get

dragons getting the slight edge where their research and other things does effect both all the time while towers don’t.

Now agreed

Is good. Defensive gear should say % atk and SS to clarify both to follow the rest of the games clarifying of which in research and runes.

Yes it does probably. Feel free to test and report back.

You keep repeating this. Its not true. Its a made up statement - that you are using as the departure point for your argument

logicians call this the principle of explosion.
there’s a cool latin phrase about it, “ex falso quodlibet” – “[starting] from a falsehood, anything can be deduced”


Already have.

No runes or perch my lightnings are at base SS, not boosted by any research, but the atk is above base by research amount.

Care to

your findings?

base boost
Sword consumable


Also there is no actual way to see if the boost applies to both normal and super, since the displayed value on the towers themselves ingame isnt reliable - as explained by pg during the capped dmg debacle.

Moreover sitea like dragon manager uses a user derived formula to match what’s shown ingame on towers as closely as possible. Its not a flat value taken from game files, or at least it wasnt the last time I worked on them (pre dragon manager)


Rarely use em so not in my test for research of SS buffs. Just tested and I assume like dragons 30% you can’t see in info screen as I seen no difference to either.

Also, runes to buff tower attack of ice turret have my atk changed but SS is still base SS number.

How are your tests coming along?

Everything besides 30% is shown in the info screen, been proven.

Better than you ignoring the simple answer right in front of you.

I provided you with two simple examples where your “de facto” statement was incorrect. Go dream up another hypothesis.

You would be closer to correct to argue that all buffs apply to all forms of attacks, except where the description specifically states super shot only, or tower attack.

Where do you come up with this crap? Do you always confabulate on the go?

Go put haste runes on towers and tell me it shows it all. Fml, I have a meme somewhere just for you


Offensive gear buffs dps and spells that use % of attack as damage, no? Base consumables boost supershot damage, no?

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You just gave to examples that can’t be tested, I have you multiple examples were it is correct, hence not “de facto”.

Like this says tower attack


And this also says tower attack

But the first one is only atk while second is atk and SS?

Edit: let’s not forget the first test I was supposed to do research


It says damage not even attack, which is inclined to mean all forms of damage, regular atk and SS, but it only does regular atk.

How about from math many times over. Plenty of damage calculations around the forums, I remember a big one was Pathox CC. Then another was during the spell scaling.

Noob, you’ve been in some of these calc conversations.

Correct, hence the above dragons get slight edge cause their “SS” as in spells is always a factor of the regular atk or hp, while towers have most separated.

No way to test, like dragon consumables they don’t show visually.

I read this post and I don’t understand its purpose. If I understand correctly, BamBam is complaining about SS, they are too strong and kill his dragon. Well, there are two solutions to that : dodge the SS or make your dragon stronger.


The end note is defensive gear should state atk and SS as it’s increase atk % as that is what it does.

+X% building attack

+X% building attack
+X% building super shot

Homie I really don’t think you’re getting it


SS in my book is an attack too. Why should I split the hair in 4 ? The word “shot” in SS doesn’t suggest defense or anything else but attack.

But I think all of this is like the expression “honest mistake”. People tend sometimes to split the hair in 4 … a mistake is a mistake… a “honest” mistake is what people who love to hear/read themselves invented.