Gear Crafting Shard Element Conversion

Some players have a lot of one element and a dearth of another. For instance, behold my shamefully poor stash that I’ve accumulated (don’t snub me for this):

Using myself as an example, I have an exponentially greater amount of earth and ice shards than I have of fire, dark, and wind. My earth shards have been invariable, staying pretty much where they currently are for the past few months or so, and although I’ve been trying to find ways to deplete them, I haven’t found any target use for them yet; my ice shards accumulated by chance, after them having been in the same situation as all of my other low elements.

The crux of this system for me is my fire shards, as my defense gear set (which is pretty much finished, finally) impacts fire shards the most and I have several fire dragons that I fly daily; dark shards have recently become a problem as I’ve been working on Barbend’s set, which is en route to becoming decent enough to manage; my struggle with wind shards (although evidently minimal) is a byproduct of my struggle with everything else, because as we all know, everything in this system ties together.

Suppose I went to upgrade a piece of dark offensive gear on Barbend, but my supplies were deficient; I then go to the crafting area in the Forge and see that I have a surplus of earth and ice shards. I realize that I need to make a conversion to suffice for the piece of gear on Barbend, and since my earth gear shards are higher in stock, I choose to convert as many of them as necessary for Barbend’s gear piece. This way, I have what I need for the piece, and I’ve deducted a portion of my excessive earth shard stash in the process.

With a shard conversion feature, players could more conveniently manage their stashes of each element, and would find upgrading gear pieces more convenient as well.

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There are conversions offered in pretty much every trading post.

The point of having different types of shards is kind of exactly what happens, one running low motivating to either play more to farm them, or spend on them.


This isn’t what I meant, but it is a true point! Those are very effective.

The main difference between Trading Post conversions and this suggestion is that one is limited (TP) while the other is “unlimited” (at least up to the amount that the player has stashed, then a limit is met). Trading Posts are also around for a limited time (although several times throughout the season), and players may find themselves needing a certain element most when there’s no Trading Post around; similarly, the element they needed most may not have been available for trade.

My take is if you calculate which shards and how many of it you need it is unlikely this would happen but not everyone ofcourse have time to do so.Since once you know what you need you can just pick it on atlas lines.

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snubbing so hard rn


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