Gear Element Change Catch 22

I’m focusing my attention on my defensive rider, defensive gear, and perch in an effort to raise the defense strength of my base. This is an area that I have neglected far too long and I am almost embarrassed to share the present state.

In the process of making these upgrades, I have found a catch-22 in the gear element system that forces you to spend rubies where you normally wouldn’t need to or else you become stuck. I am reporting it here as a “bug” but it is really more of a game mechanic design flaw. I suggest that they fix it in the next update.

Present state is Tanok on Anapa with throwaway unleveled epic gear.

Ive been working for some time on a set of legendary wind gear (now with some elite’s mixed in). Got it more than halfway leveled. Needless to say dramatic improvement over the unleveled epic throwaway.

Ultimately the new set will go on Leilani, but as Leilani is not ready yet (3rd line I’m working on) this new set will temporarily go on Tanok. Perch upgraded to Garnet, Anapa will be replaced with Gloomclaw.

The astute observer notices that this is a change from dark to wind. Enter the catch 22. Obviously I don’t want to pay rubies to save the throwaway dark set. That’s sort of built into the word “throwaway”.
Normally you can equip a new piece without removing the old piece, which will destroy the old piece without costing you rubies but you don’t get anything in return either.

Try to equip the new gear onto Tanok - Unable, element does not match dragon type
Unbond Tanok from Anapa.
Try to equip the new gear on Tanok - Unable - gear cannot be equipped on an unbonded rider
Try to bond Tanok to Gloomclaw - Unable - gear element does not match dragon element
Try to salvage existing gear off Tanok - Unable, gear must be unequipped before it can be salvaged

So you cant make any changes to the gear while the dragon is unbonded. You cant put the new gear on until you bond to the new dragon. You cant bond to the new dragon with the old gear. And you cant get rid of the old gear until you put the new gear on (unless you spend rubies).

Catch 22.

PG please fix!!!


Yeh it’s annoying. Just spend the 50rubies to remove each piece I guess. Or just load your leilani up with a dragon and the gear you want even tho she isnt maxxed yet…

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So you want your cake and eat it too.

Without some kind of consequence choices are meaningless and 50 rubies is dirt cheap for removing a piece of gear.

That said you will probably want Dark defensive gear again in the future and it is much less hassle to do rider missions with riders that are on dragons not in your current roster.

So with this in mind put your gear on Lelani make sure you finish her line so you can max her out and enjoy a net win in starting to set yourself up for the future.

This is not a Catch 22. You just don’t want to spend rubies.


Without being able to read the mind of the OP, I observe that he wants to destroy the equipped gear. This is normally possible when you equip new gear, but as he can not do that he just wants to destroy it without paying for the sheer pleasure of destroying it.

This is not eating a cake and keeping it, the cake is now stale and needs to be thrown out.

50 rubies is not much, but I understand the principle and agrees.

However, I have no hope that PG will listen or change, so my advise is just to pay and be happy. Or, get a new rider …


My post was a little flippant. I can see what the OP wants to do, I was just taking umbrage that it was labelled as a Catch 22 when this is not the case.

Quite right, it is not a catch 22.

He is stuck by a flawed design and has to pay to get out of it.
With the going rate of 50 rubies per minute, we have all spent more rubies in reading, writing and thinking (that’s actually 75 rubies per minute) then it would take to dump it.

Is it flawed? Depends from whose angle you look at it.

From PGs angle, OP is paying for the privilege of changing the element from dark to wind

It’s a design that expects players to consider their choices. To not simply move on a whim.

There are many things I’d like to be able to do over in this game but I can’t not because of a “flawed design” but because I made a choice and now I have to work with what I have.

Personally I prefer my choices to mean something either for good or ill rather than something I can just switch at any time for any reason at no cost or consequence.

I agree that this is an issue, I went through that myself too when repurposing a rider.
I guess the obvious solution is a ‘destroy’ button, to do manually what the system does when you equip a newer gear piece in the rider. And no, is not for free: you lose the shards that you could get if you unequip and destroy. Not a big cost, but there is value there.

I offer up a humble solution: Get any seasonal warrior, and get Elite gear for that warrior.

Level the warrior to your perch’s tier level (say Garnet). Now, when you’re ready to level your perch to Emerald, all you have to do is take your warrior out for a few XP runs and evolve it to Emerald. Same gear. More powerful dragon.

Level only one piece of defensive gear (per perch, as needed) for the rest of the game. Ever.


Any seasonal mythic warrior

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No, even legendaries serve this purpose.

The mythic is technically the “best”, but the bubble is not mandatory. Better to have a seasonal legendary warrior that can grow with the perch than, say, Mehaten, who can’t.

Unless you’re never going to grow the perch, in which case, :man_shrugging:

And again:

The best is the enemy of the good - Voltaire

Isn’t this season literally perfect?
We get a good seasonal defensive rider + seasonal mythic warrior

That’s how it’s playing out for me, yeah. I still wouldn’t call the season perfect.

Going to take me 2 seasons to get my perch lettuce all armored up and ready for action, but at that point I’ll be sitting pretty.


I very much disagree. Unless you’re a massive spender, perch levels will lag miles behind tower levels, and dragon tier is completely irrelevant. If I replace Mehaten with and emerald or obsidian dragon it would still do pretty much zero damage, especially as the perch for the middle long is not even on a kill island. And I would already need to triple my pearl supply to afford that.

15% 25% boost hp boost to a level 72 tower is way more valuable than boosting perch damage from 2% of a real tower to 2.5% of a real tower.

I’m hitting bases with Harbinger and Vanguard perches. They do enough damage that it matters.

I am not a massive spender, and my perch will be Harbinger in a fort or two. I need about 1k more pearls.

@Morreion Question: Where are the bonus values for perches visible? And specifically, the question is, is the HP bonus for Legendary warrior different from the HP bonus for the Mythic warrior?

My assumption is that that particular bonus is not different, that the mythic only adds the bubble. If that’s wrong, then I have to re-evaluate my position.

Those are only available to people playing more than 2 years (when pearls grew on trees) or people spending about $1000 a month.

I have Vanguard mythic dragons. I have just enough pearls to get an Emerald dragon on my perch. I would have to open another 4000 gold chests to get a current tier perch, which would cost 1.6m rubies. And even then it’s just doing archer damage, which is kinda meh, especially since it’s just on a short island.

Well then you’re lucky to have been playing during the free pearl flood.

Correct, and that bubble adds 25% HP to a single tower. Which seems a lot more useful than adding the equivalent of a lvl 45 archer to my vanguard base.

Ok, so your perspective is that having Mehaten in full Elite gear and never upgrading the perch is better than having a legendary seasonal dragon that can grow with the perch. And the reason you feel that was is that, from your perspective, you will never have a perch of sufficient level for the damage increase to matter. I respect your perspective, and if players are willing to make that same decision (I will perch Mehaten/Gloomclaw/Stormheim and never ever change that dragon), then that’s a decent decision to make.

If, however, you’re doing this:

Then you’ve got to be willing to get (craft or earn) multiple sets of defensive gear, and then level that up. That’s expensive. I don’t like that. I don’t want to do it. And for people in the 100 to 200 range who do fancy upgrading their perch eventually, the smart play is to pick a seasonal warrior and work on an elite set for that. Some time down the road, if they want to upgrade it to a seasonal mythic warrior of the same element, that could become a possibility. I see no downside to this approach for some people.

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I don’t think anyone ever suggests that that would be a good idea. Getting a mythic seasonal warrior is a lot cheaper.

But I can’t think of any scenario where a legendary warrior would be a good idea. If you can afford a maxed perch, you can afford a mythic warrior too.

Well not never, I can replace Mehaten with Oni for example. But unless PG change the availability of Pearls significantly it will be late 2021 before I have the pearls for that, and Oni will be 6 tiers behind.

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