Gear sets disappeared twice

For the second time this week my windgear suddenly has vanished leaving my Tor behind naked. The Support doesn’t even bother to reply to my tickets. I’ve already sent a ticket when the first set dissappeared and didn’t get an answer. I’ve crafted an almost complete 2nd set and after starting the game this noon i saw that this set has also gone. Does anybody here have similar issues or knows what to do to get it back?? Support doesn’t help unfortunately…

Dont update your ticket that will send it back in queue. When they respond if it is not helpful ask for the ticket to be elevated politely. If that does not work try to flag on the forums with ticket number. I have had to elevate before and found quality and knowledge of response goes up.

We were recovering from an influx of tickets. If you do not receive a response, please feel free to PM me the ticket number, and I can do some digging.

Could you also let me know roughly what kind of actions you may have been taking when it happened?

I had this exact same issue. I am on the new Android layout, not sure if that matters. Similar story, I went to put a Epic piece of gear on my drag, then poof the whole set is gone and left my rider naked. I set a ticket in with screen shots and they said its a known issue right now and trying to solve it

It was during the gear forgeing event so i tried to swap the common and rare parts with better gear but i dunno which parts i tried to swap. Only i know i had a legendary wind bow and boots which of course i didn’t remove or even touch. I also had a couple of epic pieces which i also didn’t remove. Besides this i really don’t know for sure what rarity which part was exactly. There still were one or two common gear parts on Tor that i got by completing all the atlas quests when my team first got atlas access. And i can tell is that it happened twice because when the first set had dissappeared i crafted new gear and equipped it and now it has also gone. This issue is for some reason only concerning Aibrean and Tor. All my other riders and gear are still as it’s supposed to be…That’s all i can tell you and i really hope i’ll get the gear back especially the legendary wind bow and the legendary boots as well as my epic gear… Edit: I’ve got Android too if that matters

My gear was also for wind element. And yeah i really hope they fix this cause i had almost all epic/legendary gear on my Grogg and all poof…

Arelyna fixed it for me. I’ve got the complete set back and i’m pretty glad she helped me so quickly. Thank you very much Arelyna. @Nickzup8 I’m sure you’ll get your gear back as well…

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My entire dark set went bye bye. Swapped out a new legendary leg piece i had made went and looked back and only had leg and shield left.

Send a ticket and you most likely will get it back… i got mine back now😊

Hey @Arelyna any way you can look into my case if you have spare time? My ticket number is 1277345, been a few days now since I’ve heard a reply. Any help is appreciated, thank you!

Hi. Me too if possible. All dark rider gear unequipped and disappeared off oksana bonded to necryx when swapping out for a better ring. Ticket #1277599

@Arelyna any update on these been over a week now on mine

I dont get how some players are getting their lost gear back and others are not. I am hoping that it gets fixed and all missing gear

is returned with this new update but who knows. This is the reply i got from pg support. Says they cant return the gear but clearly some people are getting it back???

Yea and with another crafting event in a few hours not sure i should even bother. Be a damn shame make gear again just to lose a whole set when i put a new piece on.

If you specifically are having an issue, please PM me a ticket number, and I will try to look into it today.

I’m having the same issue, just raised a ticket at Zendesk (#1298224)

Good luck getting a reply even from a pm mines been 6 days now since pm 10 since first ticket. I guess this is the just keep quite maybe they will forget and move on portion

I got it fixed pretty quickly. All good now

Yea finally got mine back this morning