Gear Sorting (Attack/Defense)


This is a genuine question that could be turned into a suggestion. When in the gear menu, do you guys ever sort by gear type (rings, gloves, shields, plates, etc.)? Do you find that feature useful? Personally, I think if there would be a dropdown menu to simply select between attacking and defending gear, that would be exponentially more useful. It’s quite confusing to have to look at all the gear just piled there and have to sort through what you have that is attacking vs defending since it’s mostly random. Does anyone feel the same way? Would love to hear y’all’s feedback!

Have a nice day! :slight_smile:


You mean this?


Well, since you’re asking for personal opinions… no, I don’t. I think it’s much more effective (for me at least) to sort by element.

This would be nice to have.


we do need better sorting for gear and runes. this doesn’t tell you if its offensive or defensive gear :man_shrugging:t5:

It’s pretty easy to tell from what it looks like and what you’ve seen before.

indeed but when you have hundreds a better sorting system will come in handy.

i think a sort option for Building (Defensive) / Dragon (Offensive) gears will be more usefull


Absolutely…though I can’t tell you how many times riders have come to me complaining that they cant find their pants. Good thing I can search by article of clothing!!! Reg, are these your pants? I found them lying on Venus’ bedroom floor.


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