Gear Sorting System

Regarding the gear section of the forge, I feel like there isn’t enough to go off of. What I mean by that, is that when I go to start on a brand new piece of gear, I have to look first and see what I may already have and what I may not already have. It would be a lot more helpful if the gear could be sorted by what we have and what we don’t have, giving indicating numbers of the specific piece of gear so that we can see if we need to craft another one or not. With this, it could also get more in depth and give us the type of gear (elite, legendary, etc.) associated with those numbers.

For example, say a player has 6 pieces of elite earth gear. The element would be obvious because they’re IN the earth section. The use of it would be obvious as well, because you literally have to choose between offensive or defensive before you get to the gear menu. They would see numbers that indicate how many of a specific gear piece they have. They would then be able to tap on the gear and see that it is elite. To go even further, it could even say whether or not the gear was on a rider, and if that rider was bonded to a dragon. If so, it would say which dragon. This would kind of work similar to how the dragon sorting area works where you edit your roster, and perhaps with a few similarities to the inventory located in the game’s store.

This would make it a lot easier to find out which gear pieces have already been obtained, and which gear pieces have yet to be obtained, without having to go through the process of going back and forth between the rider menu and the gear menu. The rider button being implemented in the roster area was put there for the same exact reason, so I think this is a valid suggestion, as it is no different.


100% agree. Too much time spent on something that could be made easily accessible.


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Sort them gears

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