Gear speed up bug

Having a gear bug. Tried making a ticket, but for whatever reason that is redirecting me to a website that says my account details aren’t correct, even tho it’s the same login I use for here.

Anyways if someone could take a look? Wondering if others are having issues too?

Originally speed up with timers, then it didn’t think it was done, and wouldn’t let me speed up again. Then just kept sync erroring.

It’s also not counting down for like 10-15 mins. Just completely stuck.

I’ve seen one other player who had this problem. Support should be able to fix the issue for you. Have you tried submitting a ticket from the zendesk site? DragonPunch should be able to help fix it for you if you can’t get a ticket submitted.

There is some kind of rare corner case that’s causing this bug. It hasn’t happened at all in testing. It has only happened in the real game a few times that I know of. I’ll take a look at this soon to try to figure out what’s going wrong.

It seems to have resolved itself during the day sometime. Unfortunately the website doesn’t seem to like my username and password that I use for the forums. Not sure why it redirects me there instead of letting me put a ticket in game like it used to? :pensive: Change it back please.

I just came across a bug too. I used timers to speed up the first gear and let 9mins of it run down, then upgraded a new one and now when I go to the forge there’s no countdown timer showing for the gear at the front and when I click on it, it gives me the message to finish gear in progress first…

Edit: I went to sleep, woke up and it fixed itself but it happened again. And considering this is during the gear event, it’s pretty inhibiting

Yes, that’s what happened to me too I think.

Alright so it seems the issue doesn’t happen if you are on the forge page and hit the finished item when it’s done. It allows the next timed item to move to the front and proceed with no problem. However, if you let it finish and popup through the bubble on the island screen it will lock you out for an unspecified amount of time.

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that fits with what I’ve observed

I tried to see if it mattered if I collected via forge pop up bubble (bugged) or via riders/gear/craft gear (also bugged).

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