Gear Stat Adjustment - Farming Rings

Going to suggest a large buff to the QOL item that you can craft that gives either wood or food RSS bonus production amounts.

QOL items shouldn’t be considered in the same bucket as attack and defense gear, simply because they do nothing for a players actual strength, cost the same amount to craft, and there is only 1 of them possible to equip vs 8 attack/hp pieces of gear. My suggestion is to give the QOL items a 5x buff over what they currently give, and let people craft a ring for each type of event where they would enjoy an RSS bonus by swapping/adding riders.

This would also help PG out by assisting in leveling dragons faster during breeding events (players spending more tokens) and assist players in storing/creating more wood during times of need like in fortification events (timers would still be restricting, but you would get less people saving timers, an overflow of wood typically causes people to over achieve rather than just stop).

Rarity Now Proposed
Rare 6.00% 30%
Epic 9.60% 50%
Legendary 19.90% 100%
Elite 25.00% 125%

Can I get a win-win situation going on here for everyone?


I vote yes, :raising_hand_man:


I like it
You have my vote

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This seems like a really good idea. As it stands now they are close to useless…

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It would be a nice adjustment and give value to something that is significantly lacking.

Well mapped out idea.

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