Gear that gives extra spell


how about a gear that gives extra ability. Like + 10% more damage on flak towers, an active skill like chain lightning but lesser damage or whatever, just something extra with gears. :older_man:t2:


Will it similar to equippable (limited use), or native spell? (using rage)

Stack with 5th spell?


And how can we obtain such gear?


erm… not sure what you mean, but THAT IS what gear does.
On Dragon it increases Health or Damage OR decreases totem Debuff

On Defender it increases HP on Towers or damage done by tower.

Or am I understanding wrong?


I mean something that would be added on the skillset of the dragon and not just amplify it. [quote=“OrcaFrost, post:2, topic:57144, full:true”]
Will it similar to equippable (limited use), or native spell? (using rage)

Stack with 5th spell?


Atleast with these crappy dragons will be less% crappy :joy:. And OP dragons will be x% more OP.


Why just increase damage to one tower by 10%, when you have gear that increases damage to ALL towers by 10%?


Im talking an active/passive skill like the extra spell you can equip. But this one im talking about i want it permanent, unlike usable skills can only be casted once or twice


Gear with attributes that boost spells and resists. I’ve seen stuff like this before in other game


I like this idea. Customizing your dragons by crafting/claiming seasonal gear would add a lot more diversity to the game. It’s also universal like all gear.

A few things arouse:

  • Method of obtaining this gear
  • How does it combine with add-on spells?
    Six spells on one dragon is too much imo. Maybe this gear allows you to swap an innate spell with the new spell or replaces add-on spells.
  • Is it rage based or limited use (like add-ons).
  • If you equip more than one of this type of gear on one dragon, the player will have more spell set options?
    Of course there needs to be some sort of restriction. The goal of this isn’t to change the entire spell set nor to create an “iWin dragon.”


There will be more mechanics into this, i just want to give pg an idea, these kind of things make a game more “strategical”. And so that other sorc and warrior or hunter drags can be of use. Theres alot of dragons with good potential but has dummy combination of skills.


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