Gemino needs new players

Hi guys we are a Gold 1 team with Atlas and we are looking to recruit new players anyone is welcome!

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LFM – `Gold 1- Gemino- lvl 10

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Time Zone:Any
Played time:Any
Age Range: Any
Elite Account?:No
Dragon Roster Includes:
Highest Lineage Dragon:Any

About:We are a small team looking to expand we are an active team we are only new to atlas so no castles yet however we are a chilled team everyone is very friendly and helpful.

Youre suppose to fill this out. Give players some more info on your team. Besides that your gold and had atlas. Like do you guys have a castle or not? How active are you guys in main game events and in atlas events. Stuff like that. This of a recruitment thread as a pitch meeting. Why should players join your team and not someone else?

you can take a look at other teams recruitment threads to get an idea of how to give out the info about your team in creative ways