General Feedback on Two Topics

  1. The number of hits required to get poachers done seems insanely high still? Additionally, for future reference and new teams…the rules and guidelines of the current Atlas event are really vague and don’t really help.

  2. Is there really a specific need for the random portals in the NML? They seem pretty unnecessary, you are basically just creating random/unstoppable backdoors into random territories? Not sure if that was actually intended or someone just was not thinking and dropped the ball? Especially given teams now have their own portals they can use.

  1. They’re high, but lower than war (a fair bit lower in weaker regions). this means lots of people will be able to participate on poachers, and that high turnouts are needed to beat poachers in strong areas.
  2. NML portals (only active during events) were the first portals and were created to help mix things up for events and keep the world lively.

  1. personally think they are still too high. But just my feelings.
  2. I get how that used to work but with all the new teams and alliances and portals this feels unnecessary maybe?

  1. Maybe, though the team portals only go to friendly places (though those places could be near enemies). At one point we thought about giving bonus points for fighting people in your group. Obviously that hasn’t happened yet, but the NML portals would be more helpful if we try that out at some point (not coming soon though).


I agree we need easier/better/more intuitive ways to navigate the map. Just not sure dropping random and unblockable portals into someone’s home is the way to do it. Don’t get me wrong. From an attacker’s standpoint I love it. From an overall balance standpoint. Ehhh…


Fair enough. I also think it needs some iteration, but probably a little down the road from now. I don’t have concrete ideas to improve it at the ready yet, but as the world grows I suspect some will come more into focus.


I wish some of those portals into NML were in safe zones. Every NML I tried to reach was blockaded by teams around them. Get stuck for 5 hours and then wiped out just before the trap expired. made the event loads of fun…


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