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Is there ever some type of mini event or war egg tokens gains boosted to encourage more people to play on Friday or maybe through the weekend. Is there any live chats? Twitch? Any of that stuff on the weekend?

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Twitch streaming and youtube streaming are longest in the weekends in general. But that’s all. Nothing else.

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Thanks man

In-game mails get sent for these, though sometimes late; they’re official streams with giveaways, though nothing official on the weekend. There are sometimes in-game mails about player streams too.

There’ve been trials with YouTube Gaming and Mobcrush before as well.

There are also player/unofficial, as in non-PG employees, on various platforms that you can search for. Red’s is the only one that I’ll currently try to catch.

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@TheRedDelilah streams directly after the PG stream on a Wednesday.


For sure! I try to stick to this schedule:

And I always update on Twitter for my streams at


I’m not getting notices on twitch of your streams Red. Wierd. I’ll go check my settings.

Thanks for the info

Thanks for the help

Thanks I’ll be on your streams :+1:

On twitch?

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