General state of the games base building

Ok, here’s a thing I want to see. I want to see a change of any sort to the current format of bases. Hell I made my base like it should be but I would love some form of change. The flak is too powerful by all means. Let’s be real here guys, when has a setup of anything else than blue, red, dark flak, storm, ice/fire flak/cannon made you think “that will be a tough island to cross defended.” I know no other setup has made me think that. It’s absolutely laughable. Now, I don’t know how we can change that (maybe making dark flaks not supershot through elemental barrier would be a start) maybe reducing the damage of the dark flak? Or the stun time? In all seriousness I don’t want to feel I’m stuck with necryx for bases because no other dragon has a way of avoiding a swift death at the hands of that setup (I don’t have noctua or nier clearly.)

They will be releasing tower balance changes soon. Search for a topic and youll be able to see those discussions.

Cue the ballista symphony.

I would like to see

  1. alternate layouts – bases being able to switch between 2-3 different layouts, not the current 8 islands, since island 7-8 is broken and a detriment to anyone that builds on them

  2. Base reorganizer – like a tactical view of your base that helps you change layouts quicker, with a “save” function or important function, linked to an online base builder app

  3. Wishful thinking, but the opportunity to redo mistakes, without having to redo the game [not really possible to go and respend 10k just to fix one or two stupid tower mistakes ] - and yes it makes a difference.


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