Generic questions , Advice needed

Hi, i have a few questions.

  1. What level should a new player look for atlas? I.e for best benefits.
  2. What level do you become adequate to play Atlas such that you are beneficial for team.
  3. How do you rune Amarok?
  4. Base building - runes.
    Since last 6 weeks of chest opening, i have two legendary runes (fire flack attack + Cannon striker). I have put them on 2 different towers. (Level 44 here)(main + kill island).
    Now i dont have many epic runes and only some common glyphs. SHOULD I use them or wait?
  5. Rider gear - Crafting scrolls are a limiting resource. So is there a higher drop probability in Bronze Chest in any event?(not going for event riders this season yet).


Re: Atlas questions: get Atlas asap (so level 25 is the soonest you can). It’s never too early for benefits, and gives you a long time to accumulate things like good gear etc.

How beneficial you are at any given level truly depends on the team.

And if you get Atlas asap and start doing events and getting even a bit of glory, scrolls are no longer limiting (it is the only way they aren’t limiting); even my account that has hardly killed anything in Atlas has only run out of scrolls once, and that was remedied by claiming prizes from previous glory runs.

Re: base runes, it is my opinion you should wait. Dust is a scarce commodity and low-level stuff isn’t worth leveling. And your base at level 44 is likely not settled yet, so I’d give it some time.

Re: Amarok - runes for his spells and warrior runes, if you must, but tbh, again, dust is scarce, so might not be worth leveling anything up until later (just my opinion; I should note I was never a big Amarok fan and that has not changed).

Good luck!


I also need some of the answers to some of theses

Follow up questions :- do atlas teams get same seasons :- i.e do they get seasonal drags like gryff/asura etc and normal events or not?

Yep. Everything in Atlas is an addition to the core game.


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