GenocideDragon Looking for 1 100+ Member


Genocide is looking for one active to very active member. We are a saph 3 team who does very well in events.
Requirements are pretty standard:
War participation is mandatory.
Event Minimums: PVP tied to event prizes between 6-8k points.
Breed event: 1k points unless breed step is below the requirement, all we ask is for prior communication.
Read emails. Communication is very important.
If you are interested, please feel free to apply or email me.


We are again in need of 1 member, same criteria as the above. Please message me in game or on here for inquiries, thanks!


With 4 hours left until battle phase begins, we’re still looking for one more member to join our team! If you’re looking for a team that does really well in events, feel free to apply!


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