Get rid of claim already!

Why is this not an automated process? Why do I need to claim? Worst is breeding event takes10 attempts to claim because it reverts back so many times.This is just absurd


Or make a claim all button :wink:

while I am here… then claiming mission runs from the balloon should either be automatic or be possible within the attack GUI - you can see if you have a mission, what the mission is, if it is completed… please PLEASE make it so we can claim it as well in that view.

So often - way to often - during an event, I forget to claim, because it doesn’t pan over to the balloon when you leave the event GUI. And then next time you log in… it is there laughing in your face :sob:
I refuse to believe that I am the only one :cold_sweat:


Claiming prizes you already earned should not be a chore. Having to reload the game to claim prizes so many times is extremely frustrating. It’s been an issue for years. Would be nice if they fixed it already.

If you immediately close out of the game after claiming prizes then reload, that seems to fix the problem. I’ve done that the last few events and never had resurrecting prizes (which are extremely annoying).

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Not true in every case. I’ve had times where I claimed half of a line and exited, only to have the claims go poof. The speed at which you claim seems to be key.

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Just have some patience… if they could fix it, they would’ve years ago. The system the game is build on sucks.

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