Get Timer count when not building anything

I can get the count of Timers when I’m upgrading a building (or clearing forest) simply by clicking on the object being upgraded/cleared.

Is there a way to get a Timer count when not upgrading or clearing?



People have times when they’re not upgrading something?
does not compute

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Incubating an egg will present it as well.

I suppose you could always start a level 1 tower - that would be pretty quick.

Or, like Orca said, you check your inventory?


You can also click on something you’re forging and it will show you what you have for timers. Easier than inventory imo

If the inventory was organized logically, then it would make looking at timers easier than it is now. This is one of the issues I bring up a lot. Logical organization according to group/type rather than strict alphabetical would make more sense.


I’m a member of UU (Upgraders Unanimous). I try to wait for fortification events. But sometimes I sneak one. Or two. Maybe more.

You can always upgrade future towers and not speed them up ( like 2 mages) outside of events to it will effectively save you 4 weeks of timers per tower each event.
And when they are needed you can start speeding the timers.
But thay way you will have towers upgrading for 0 cost and saving you timers.


In the Forge it only shows the timers you can forge. Since you can’t forge 1, 3 and 15 minute timers, you don’t see the count there. That can add up to a lot of time.

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She said if you tap on something you’re forging it will show you, not to just look in the forge

You can tap on troops you’re building also or of research you have going (tap on the rubies and it brings up the option to use timers because PG logic). There are numerous ways to see what you have


Thanks @ZeroDucksGvn was just going to post a pic :wink:

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It’s still ridiculous that we have to manually count and convert all those timers. A simple sum #days would help immensely


You don’t. Timer conversion is courtesy of the Fortification Planner. With this, you don’t have to do much; you just insert data and the spreadsheet does the work for you. It’s quite simple.


*gasp* people might have to do basic math, the horror :scream: :scream: :scream:
I would say “ridiculous” is a bit of an over-exaggeration. Mild inconvenience perhaps but that’s all.

We have this nifty tool called the fort planner that will do that for you.

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That still requires transcribing the values from the game. I’m talking about a simple ingame calculation. Why should we have to go to a third party sheet?

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No, of course we can and do use the fort planner. But it shouldn’t be necessary for an at-a-glance view of total days.
A very easy to achieve quality of life improvement here.

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I hate to agree with you, but yes, this could (and should) be added into the inventory screen. As long as it doesn’t break anything elsewhere that is…


Have this bolded :eyes:

Additionally, I’d rather timers being integrated (similar to 1m only denomination, but in proper time value), but that’s another topic :upside_down_face: