Getting Attacked by Level 200+?

I’m level 126 (with a pretty strong base, killing gold divines already) but I’ve been getting attacked by a bunch of people level 200 and above. Does this happen to anyone else? And does anyone have a solution to this? All of the “defeated” reports drown out most of my “victory” reports and I’m tired of going into my defense reports and seeing “defeated”. I usually don’t do revenge because I know it can lead to farming, but as of now, I’ll be getting revenge on people because these level 200+ players just come and steal all of my resources, including gold. Anyone have any idea what I could do?

You shouldn’t lose a lot of rss from being raided by someone 200+ higher than you :laughing:.

Consider that they’re showing their shiny dragons .


It happens all the time, it’s part of the game if u have a teammate that is high level then he can follow on revenge.


This is a WAR game so yes you will get attacked. A lot of players will hit lower bases to finish egg token missions so that’s prolly the case. Regardless suck it up :man_shrugging:t3:

Yes it happens, it’s funny actually, cause if they are hiting you it means they can’t hit their on level. Start trying to hit them back. It’s good practice :grin:


Not always the case :joy::joy::joy:.
When I was in low 100, I got attacked by expert Harb Neptus :see_no_evil: (strongest drags at the time)
Sometimes, I asked the attacker to attack again using different drags :laughing:.
It’s mostly fun to see your base gets destroyed by shiny new drags on a regular run, especially if the dragon is the mythic of the season, and you haven’t picked one.


If you’re getting attacked that often, it might be because you’re good for a particular type of egg mission. Do you have a lot of one type of tower? Are you fast? You might also have annoyed someone or a teammate did, or many other options, but …

You’ll get defeated a lot in this game. There’s always someone bigger and there’s usually even someone better. Expect it, roll with it, plan your play accordingly.


You shouldn’t look at the level number and assume you can’t handle it. Check to see if you can run it. The last thing you should be concerned with is farming. If they have 75+ levels on you, it’s unlikely that they can take more food/wood from you than you can from them (the higher the level, the more rss they produce and can lose). Besides, what are they going to do? Go to their leader and say xChaoticJalenx, who is much lower than me, is farming me? What looks worse : farming someone 75 levels lower than you or having to whine that someone that much lower is farming you?

Deal with it. Nothing personal in this game :unamused:

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Personally, if one of my teammates came to me about a successful retal from a much lower level, I’d invite that person to my team :rofl:


Everyone gets defeated. High level players use any level 84+ for token tasks. I personally go from top down in matchmaking and the first base that appears that fits my token criteria gets hit regardless of level. Put your resources in the bank so they can’t be stolen. As to that last point, if your team doesn’t have atlas, get on a team that has atlas.


I’ll attack way below my level when trying out baby divines for practice. Although I’m a much higher level, the dragon tier the divine is at is matched to the base I’m hitting, just to see what the eventual tactics might be.

Used to do it sometimes for the old style quests as well, but that’s not really an issue any longer.

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This is so silly :joy: I attack people 100 sometimes even 200 levels lower just to knock out token missions!
And it has nothing to do with not being able to attack someone of similar level…Who cares?!? I don’t even check who attacks me because it really
Just doesn’t matter lol


I generally hit people my level or higher. It’s rare that I bother hitting someone lower unless it’s for war or atlas. I’ll almost always attempt to hit attackers back if they are higher level then me. Shrug

Yeah just get over it. People will always do the special egg missions on a easy base. And there are loooots of players higher than u. Also if there is Rss u need, u attack without thinking: Oh my he won’t see victories in his replay any more :joy:The victory sign is the rare thing to see…but u will learn that sooner or later

Honesty it’s usually nothing personal. It’s usually to do with egg missions and the lower the better for that. Just keeps things quick and we take less resources.

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It doesn’t mean anything, but if u feel better believing they can’t do better, instead realizing they want to do their eggmissions fast then…Believe :joy: also no one wants to be full on lumber all the time. So u attack guys without k’s of lumber :wink:

Put some tower at the very far island, if not yet, so all attackers will have to fly the whole base (and spend time). It will help anyway during war events and atlas attacks. People are lazy, so likely will choose another base for token missions, unless you have something special - like many archers, or storm towers, that is convenient for missions.

Bad practice for war.

  1. Strong anchor, means that you’re wasting your resources (better for reinfocing defense).
  2. Weak anchor. Leave it, still 7 flames.

Usually me just doing my egg missions.