Getting away with Bullying

Why is it you can be attacked by the same player almost every day for the past two years and PG let it slide by saying. It’s not bullying. Even when the bully encourages one of his team mates to harass you as well. Isn’t the bully show signs of a mental health problem against complete strangers.
The bully needs help by being kicked,

Exactly. :+1:


So to preempt what others will say, this is a war game. It would be one thing if they were sending you harassing mails, or chats, but attacking you is part of the game. Even attacking a particularly disliked target repeatedly.

You can try talking to the person - or to their leader or officers - or get your leader or officers to do that for you. You can also hit them back, or enlist the help of allies to hit your enemy back harder. And of course, one simple option is just to change your playername in some way, since this will cause your opponent to lose their bookmark, making it harder for them to hit you.


What would be the purpose of having a “Bookmarks” page on your attack list if it wasn’t meant to hit select players routinely?


Also, it’s a good idea to send out your resources so you are not holding anything that they are hitting you for. And this is a great time to start focusing on your base. If your opponent is hitting you because of your base set up, this could be a reason to change your base. The new season has started and base boost is available which adds a good boost to your base during the season.


what happened for someone to attack you for what… nearly 800 days consecutively?


Not really sure that is the right course of action if what you say is true that he is a “bully”

So what’s the line then in a war game? How many times is someone allowed to hit you? Does that include pvp attacks? What about atlas?

Im guessing you’ve messaged them, angry about it, thus giving them what they want which is a reaction out of you.

Try changing your ign to something totally different to delete the bookmark they have on you. Consider moving to a new team at least for a week. If you sent emails to them then they could have that saved so then you’re out of luck unless you want to get 25 people to send them an email while they’re offline (or a teamless alt) so that it deletes all their saved emails

Its a war game fight back :laughing:

Lol u talk to them they get a reaction rather it be bad or good :laughing: dont feed into it either hit back or dont say a word and do nothing u can change ur ogn but wont matter if email sent


PvPs and Atlas, especially raids, are different but if it’s happening in WarDragons…I think that’s entirely different.

If the player is getting hit and has no resources then what do you call that? So what it’s a war game? Out of the hundreds of bases to hit, what would lead someone to consecutively hit the same player(s) in this part of the game? Bullying has many forms and consecutive (and annoying) hits is one of them because one player is being singled out by another player. That is bullying!

I’ve seen references being made to bookmarking players for that reason. Seriously? I bookmark friends and bases specifically designed for mission quests. I do not BM players to farm and have yet to be on a team where leadership allowed for that.

Besides hitting random bases from matchmaking is a heck of lot more fun lol

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yeah. Some real disagreement would have to had taken place because as far as i know someone would not go out of their way to attack someone for nearly 800 days for absolutely no reason.


I had someone that hit me a few times a day from lvl 50ish to lvl 150ish. I just dumped all my resources before I logged out and focused on building my base. After awhile they couldn’t take my base anymore. It sucked but I didn’t let it bother me much.


i haven’t ever been farmed for very long, and the longest i’ve continuously hit someone is about two months. But 800 days… wtf happened?

I’ve seen plenty of people whine and complain about getting hit over and over in pvp and claim it is bullying. I’ve even received messages from people claiming they’ll report me or a team mate for bullying because we hit their team in pvp because they had horrible bases that gave max points. What one person sees as bullying another will see as just playing the game and visa-versa. There are people who if they get hit more than once will start crying bullying. There are always 2 sides to every story

What if that person does have rss though? What if they keep gold on them frequently. How many times should you be allowed to hit them? This is all open to interpretation depending on the person. Some people will say you should only hit once no matter what. Someone else will say hit as many times as you want if you’re getting rss.

Then what about the ones that start the problem and then cry bullying when it gets turned back on them? I’ve seen so many people pretend to be a victim of this and then it turns out they were harassing someone’s teammate or talking crap in LC or was sniping a team in atlas.

If it is a case of legit bullying then there are ways to deal with it, including chats and groups that help resolve it or that will give that player a taste of their own harassment. Unless actual harassment and emails are being exchanged then PG/Support isnt going to get involved. They will say that this is a pvp game.


I’m someone who will attack someone daily if they give good gold every run :eyes: I don’t consider it bullying, they just have rss I want so I’m going to attack

That’s just prudent planning. If someone gives you a rare resource you take as much as you can while you can.

Maybe he has gold too 🤷 that would definitely explain someone attacking him for so long.

Well, that would be silly to have all that gold everyday lol

It all comes down to player style i guess. I wouldn’t continuously hit someone if they had lots of gold. I could careless but that is just me. I’m all about GP and food these days. :grin:

To each their own…