Getting black screen after 4.80 update



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After the 4.80 update can’t get into event without black screen appearing it is also covering up alll the extra screens in atlas as well. Been missing out on event prizes and atlas tributes

I’m using an IPad. I have done the whole uninstall and reinstall still not working. I event went as far as doing a factory restore on my iPad and still have in games the same problem.

I still anyone else having this problem? Is PG ever going to fix this.


Nope. No one else has this problem. None. Notta. Zip.

Or you could try the other 20 threads that talk about 4.8.x bugs :man_facepalming:


I updated to the 4.8.3 and still having the issue Jonesy


And there’s like 15 threads still talking about the black screen issue.

They’re looking into it.

Short term advice, get a new device that can load iOS 12


Or one with Android 8.

@moderators, can we close this thread, please?


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