Getting Fire Shards

I know that fire shards are for building fire turrets. I’m level 41 which means I’m two levels away from them. I don’t know how to get them fast, I need some help. I know they appear in season branches but they are to far into the branch so I can’t get it

You just have to focus on one branch and be active enough to progress in that branch. You can get far enough if you play enough.

They are also in gold chests.

I started playing halfway through the season. I have avyx’s gold stone, but can probably only reach his plat stone this season

I know they are in gold chest, but I’m assuming the drop rate is pretty low, because I haven’t got any.

With gold chests, if you need it - you won’t get it. Fire shards drop like candy for me >_<

It may also not drop until you can use them?

Oh ok thx. Next event I can probably open a ten pack for gold chests, I’ll see what I get

No they dropped for me at level 20 too.

A lot of people complained about the drop rate for ice shards, rightfully so, in gold chest so it has dramatically decreased. You will learn PG either gives you too much or not enough no happy medium

But atleast ice shards are easier to get in season branches than fire shards

The drop rate seems to be significantly better during fortification events. Anecdotal evidence, but it’d make a certain amount of sense.

As a lower level player, saving gold chests for fort is by far the best use for them. :slight_smile:

Ok thx everyone

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