Getting GLORY in Atlas

This week alone I’ve attacked 5 times in a row and won on three separate occasions. No troop loss. No GLORY. If this isn’t a glitch, then someone attacked and won before I did. So no glory for me.

Sometimes the prim I’m attacking has over 20K troops. After the attack the number’s the same. How is this possible?

In addition, IMO, if I attack and win I SHOULD GET “GLORY” in the original sense of the word.
Wouldn’t it be mutually beneficial to initiate something like “Consolation GLORY”!? 50% or something. I love Atlas and play there a lot. But the glory dynamics as they stand now puts a damper on the entire atlas experience!
REALLY hoping you’ll consider a tweek here!

Pretty sure you have to kill troops from the other player to get glory. I am probably wrong though.

So if they have only one troop you do not get glory. If someone else killed them as you started you probably do not get glory either.

BTW, in Atlas you can go into Manage then select battles to see how many their troops died and how many of yours died. If you provide that information someone can answer your question properly, if it was a bug of what I had said above.

Never attack anyone with less that 5k troops. Not worth it.

Yup. But these attacks don’t show up there. It’s as if they didn’t exist.

Your troops (earning 1250 glory cumulatively, I believe) have to die before you get any chests.

If you don’t lose any troops then you don’t get any glory. Are you SURE the other person’s troop count is the same after you attack?

I’m betting one of you got wiped out while you were flying or loading your attack.

UVS is handy to accelerate on bases that have been lengthened. Everything is calculated at the end of the battle, gotta be fast, especially in NML


I have had an attack that did not show up and did not get glory.

@mechengg is a master on the subject and may know if this is a bug or why it happened. Or may swat me like a pestering fly. lol

Maybe you died first? (another prim attacking you)

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To be fair, there IS a bug that causes both attacker and defender not lose any troops after a successful battle. However, I’ve seen this happening only in one case (which is most likely different from the case stated by the OP) when defender’s prim arriving to the spot and the attacker is clicking on the prim way too soon while it is still stationed right in the middle of the castle, not in a circle around it (simple server delay). Then battle is happening but all troops both for attacker and defender still the same. I’ve encountered that glitch quite a lot of times in the past while glory swapping with me buddies in safe and quiet places and is how I learned about it.

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I’ve actually had full castles not give glory for any party involved. Rare case i believe, but yeah no attacks counted on the one castle for a long time. It was obviously reported as a bad NML castle, but yeah


Sometimes the prim I’m attacking has over 20K troops. After the attack the number’s the same. How is this possible?

Sometimes the servers are busy and attacks are counted with delay. The prim with 20k might be dead already, since someone already killed all troops there, but it might be still shown due to lags.
Finally attacks counted, but yours was later in “queue”, so you had zero.
Happens from time to time. Usually on overloaded castles and red zones like Aligane.

I do not doubt Mech. We all know Atlas is flawed.

Does no troop loss mean no troops lost in any other battles? Was the prime you attacked still there after the attack?

There are a few major causes for no battle report posted.

  1. The target you are attacking lost all of its troops before your battle finished. (Troops are subtracted at the end, so if someone else beat you to it you get nothing unless there was troops left over)
  2. You lost all of your troops before the battle ended. (Someone else killed you)
  3. Shields on the castle came up before your battle ended
  4. Lag/glitches - if the server is busy enough battles will sometimes just never post, or post delayed. I’ve had battles not register until the next day before. It’s always happened when pg had a server issue or when the castle I’m on is extremely busy. (Many primarchs many attacks)

I think that mostly covers it.

Glory is the lesser of 1.5 times the troops you lost or 0.75 times the troops you killed, so if you kill nothing or lose nothing, no glory happens. (Scaling applies on top of this)

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:eyes: I recall that castle…

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I’ve definitely seen it on the busy castles. I hate that it makes the mega alliance more effective. Trying to conquer a castle…nope there are now 50 teams and who knows how many primes. 5 flame the same dude 3 times in a row no troop changes either side. Not 5 flame an attack to see…counts. Try again, couple 5 flame attacks and no glory. Not 5 flame attack and it counts…get pissed and keep trying to get through the troops you brought and then not resummon. Enemy gets to keep their castle because either the serves just suck and it was dumb luck that the 5 flames didn’t count on some dudes or they have figured out something more devious.

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For me, when I attack an opponent and win and we both have troops I SHOULD GET GLORY! Whether someone wins first against my opponent or me should have no influence.

I fought hard and won: that is the definition of glory, linguistically, logically, dramatically, games-theoretically, archetypally, practically and literally!!!

That this doesn’t happen over and over and over again in battle takes the fun outa atlas.

No troops lost no glory gained, that also makes sense. To make this work you would have to lose troops even if your opponent is already dead. That would be fine for Aligane glory farming, but it would be terrible when actually fighting for castles.

And PG want people to do more castle fighting and less farming (even though they don’t know how yet it seems), so changes that promote farming and make fighting for castles harder seem very unlikely to be adopted.

Aligane is THE most frustrating in this regard. Only way to avoid the frustration now is the glory exchange where glory is predictable and guaranteed. . I’d MUCH rather do castle fighting, BUT; for a single attack/defend glory exchange I now get over 30K glory and over 200 chests. I can’t get that in an entire week of castle fighting.

IMO, this system discourages castle fighting. My team, of course, HATES glory exchange…the banners look like castle attacks and they’re afraid we won’t have glory to defend. But if I want to advance in atlas at all glory exchange is a must.

I hope this can help you

Personally, I enjoy a lot Aligane although you dont win every time. That’s part of the fun and satisfaction

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When that happens I check my troops, if I still have my troops (or some), I move to safe zone, and then I check “manage” > “battles” to see if I was attacked, or if my attack registered but just didn’t load the glory in the end of battle screen.

Rarely I find the attack just didn’t go through and this is sometimes related to the primarch has left the castle but it didn’t update fast enough and still let you attack the player (I have noticed this happen to me on defense shortly after I leave Aligane and still get attacked and don’t lose any troops).

Hope this helps as well :slight_smile: