Getting help over weekend


Is there any way to get help over the weekend? I have been having major issues with the event as have several of my teammates. I tried submitting a ticket on Saturday morning and have not received anything other than the computer automated reply that my ticket had been received. I tried submitting a reply to the ticket yesterday asking if I could expect a response before the end of the event. Again, no reply.

The ticket number is #2450569

When you reply you push your ticket back to the bottom of the queue.

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It doesn’t matter at this point. I still haven’t received a reply and the event is over so it is too late. I never received the courtesy of a reply beyond the one automatically generated by the computer. As a result, my participation in the event was extremely limited and this hurt my team.

I’m sorry that you missed out on the even=t. It is likely that there is reduced support on weekends, thus a longer queue.

It has been 3 days now with no reply. Is this any way to retain customers? Or is this an indication that WD and PG’s future is limited? They used to have customer support on the weekends, now??? Is this an indication of financial problems at PG?

I finally received a reply from Customer Support, a full 4 days after submitting my ticket. The reply was the standard “we are forwarding your comments to our development team” and it appeared to admit that there were multiple bugs in the Crystal Caves code but did not promise that they would be fixed.

If this is the response that we can expect from tickets, why bother? I was essentially shut out of helping my team for an entire event (along with my alt) and this is the best timely help that is available?

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