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Hey guys posting for a friend who doesnt have forum access. How can you reset the app on your phone to login to a new account if your unable to get into the old one to logout? He had a lowbie from years back an recently started playing but it seems hes locked an just wants to make a new account an start fresh.

If he’s unable to get into the old one, doesn’t that mean he was banned?

Yea it seems so that it was hacked an Pg wont give any info or answers besides that he cant get back into an that their leaving it at that but he still wants to play so does that mean his Phone is locked out or is there a way he can start over to get into a new. I know him well an he never cheated pg just doesnt want to fix their wrong doing

If he filed a ticket with and they definitively say he broke the ToS, he can ask for an appeal again for the ticket to be escalated (but it will take awhile).

If he was banned rightfully, I can’t help you.

If the old account is banned, he can clear the cache, and game data then he can play with a new account from lv1

Just to confirm, if an account is banned a player cannot just create a new account and start over? I’m not saying this is the case. I don’t him or of this situation.

He was wrongfully banned but as i said it seems pg doesnt care to explain as to why they think he did something when he did nothing. An it was a lower lvl account. So instead of beating a dead wall he rather just refresh and start over but if that’s not possible I guess he would still have to keep fighting with pg for some kind of answer

It is little more complicated than that on android. Clearing the data or even uninstalling leaves behind a folder that still needs to be deleted from the Android directory on the internal memory.

On IOS, a factory reset is required unless jailbroken. Jailbroken devices can delete the required data without performing a factory reset.

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My Android has root access so when I wipe apps it’s gone completely :yum:

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Its Apple phone

Even with root still need to manually delete the pocketgems folder containing the keychain file. A third party uninstaller may work to clean all files but androids default one always leaves that one folder.

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Simple answer factory reset the entire device if on iOS.
Otherwise they need to be jail broken and have a decent tech skill set. You have to manually delete a keychain from a database file. So just tell them to save their time and factory reset the device lol.

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