Getting my First Mythic of the Season

Drawing Ronin to celebrate, about 1/4 of the way there, hopefully I finish the art before I get the dragon 0-0

anyone else getting Ronin?


Which one did you pick after Haku?
Also, how many reserve you have, if you don’t mind?

I actually haven’t picked anything yet, I’m saving sigils. But it’s likely to be base boost/Saito, Rider/Saito, or Kaiji/Saito.

I have like 775 sigils rn, took the egg token boost to 100. started saving golds and bronzes again for next season.

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That’s great.
I’m at Saito’s 13th prize, after 100%. No chest stash :sweat_smile:


Nice artwork and good luck. The first one definitely feels really good. My first one was Corthanak and it really felt awesome (I think I was around 140ish). Hopefully Ronin doesn’t end up being as big of a dud that Corth did

Im going for Ronin too so Im hoping he will be good. I wasnt super keen on going for yet another hunter but since Zenko ended up being wind and I already have Pathox, Ronin it is. I have no desire to try to level a 3rd set of wind gear when I already have a full set of dark collecting dust

Finished Haku and am going to wait to see everything in the 2nd wave before picking my 2nd line. Most likely I’ll get both riders though. There’s no chance the 2nd warrior will be good and I wouldnt finish the base boost early enough to get a significant amount of time with it (yes I know it lasts until week 5 of summer). So hoping the defensive has really good stats and dark or wind shards.

Love the artwork! I’m going for Ronin too! Even the empyrean mythic hunter is quite similar to him… It’s a huge disappointment if Lucian’s spell sets are better than Ronin, especially if it has cloaking spell

I’m prolly not gonna be able to get the mythics

I will definitely not be able to get any mythics let alone complete a branch, but the artwork (did you paint it or is it digital?) might as well be finished as it is. The “uncomplete” parts just have a feel to it that I really like.

It’s digital, I can’t paint for my life :sweat_smile:


Very well done!

I’m actually considering Zenko this season. I just realized that my secondary wind gear is actually higher in power than my current dark gear (which is L2-5 legendary)

Element type was the only thing swaying my away from the fox, but it may actually end up in my favor this time


This looks fantastic so far! I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product :grin:

Thanks! Hopefully I wont disappoint :yum:

I never went for Pathox, so I’m kinda tempted too, Zenko seems more like a hunter than ronin 0-0

Zenko was a lot of fun to fly. If I didn’t need a good replacement for Fohmar I’d be really tempted to go for Zenko… (except for the small fact that Pathox has my good wind gear and I’d have to either bench Pathox or give Zenko sub-standard gear :sob:)


Why doesn’t Ronin seem like a hunter? Entrap, spirit (stonger consume) and high damage spells are all hunteresque :thinking:

Regardless, both mythical are certainly viable, so you can’t really go wrong.


Zenko really just seems like zotz 2.0

Well I was thinking that hunter’s kits usually revolve around single target high damaging abilities and not aoe damage abilities, also he doesn’t dodge damage like a traditional hunter, so from my not-having-tried the dragon point of view he seems to play like a hunter sorceror hybrid to me. I don’t mean to say that Ronin doesn’t play like a hunter, it just looks like Zenko has more hunter-esque spells on him than Ronin.

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Hope you get your ronin, I too am aiming for him for my first mythic. Keep crafting that gear for him all season and you should have full legendary if you don’t already.

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Hey Lut - how fast do the sword skills fly vs sand and vs trap? Just trying to visualise firing from the turn.

They’re an umbral derivative.