Getting old evolution stones back?

This would probably not be handy to higher level bases (175+) but it’s better for us lower players- so here I go…

The only problem I have with mythic dragons is the gosh darn stones- you can never get them all. And eventually, you level them up as far as you can go, and they sit there useless. They eventually leave your active dragon bar, and collect dust in the corners of your memory.

I’m here to recommend something different- what if you could bring back old dragons (ex- Enquestador, Leos) but still have your progress saved? You just continued where you left off, and go as far as you can. Maybe it could only be in the season that it was introduced in, then only last for a week, or two. Then you could work on those old favorites that you love dearly. And if you want new dragons, they can put those up in the same spots they are in now, and you can collect those.

Once agian, voice your concerns and add-on ideas,

   SeaStar9758 🌊
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Oh no​:scream::scream:… I think you might have awoken the forum beasts


The search button is your friend, buddy. This has been discussed many times before. PG has stated that this won’t happen—sorry. :t_rex:

Dang it

Yep. Duplicate topics like this—ESPECIALLY this—tend to bring about some frustration for those of us who’ve been here for a while. :t_rex:

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Sorry… :grimacing::sweat_smile:

What’s wrong? :eyes:

Or those of us who have been here since day 1 of the new forums lmao


Forums is one of my favorite parts of WD- you introduce new ideas. Then you find out someone else had the idea then you feel like raging because PG said no, and you then feel like a spoiled three-year old.

Abracadabra, I Summon @TheRedDelilah :sparkles:

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But I do think it’s a good idea. Is there a reason they said no?
(Please don’t be mean- I’m not trying to be rude- I’m being honest)

If you want to summon her an @TheRedDelilah usually works better than just typing her name :laughing:


Basically they want you to focus on the newer divines, which are often better then the old ones anyway. These dragons are limited time collectors items. Allowing you to work on them again makes them less special.


True- but some of us have favorites- and I love enquestador.
But on the other talon- I do like some of the newer styles. Though I don’t like the Aztec theme they did this season… no offense.

It’s definitely not my favorite either. I don’t think I’ve really liked any of the “themes” so far since I started playing last summer. Though Avyx looks pretty rad. I named mine Goldenhawk. :t_rex:

Ha- I named mine a Wings Of Fire name- Blazing
Though this season matches the new wings of fire book with the two winged dragons and green dragons too…

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BTW- how do you get the “respected” symbol at the bottom of your name?
It’s cool

It’s a badge on the forums—I got 2 likes on 200 of my posts. If you click those three lines up in the corner and find “Badges” you can view all of the ones you can earn. :t_rex:

Cool! And thanks!

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