Getting picked on

:disappointed_relieved: golds in gold 2 are picking on me they are lvl 50s and under!!!

What shall i do???

Im being such a karen because of spam attacks :smile:

Joking but i am glad they are having fun my vacation ends soon so no pirating soon enough


Lol why are you bullying the poor noobs?

I think it’s the other way around. Right? I mean that is what I picked up.

Lol im not they are our future players and are hitting me :laughing: idk why but they do they fun to talk with


didn’t expect you to pick up the joke lol

And you are absolutely correct


But all seriousness giving them some base advice so they dont make bad mistakes when i log in to do troops while on vacation

Haha there you are, the Prince of WD, the wise old man.

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Lucky I don’t get to go on vacation until next year :weary:

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Seems so when a 539 getting hit by 25 lvl 50s and under they will grow. But yea they ask me to hit with lock jaw and mordred :smile:

Yeah some weeks back I asked someone to hit me with modrian. Then I asked him to also hit me with lusian. Now I have gotten a taste of all empyrean dragons.

Its just great to see that there is active folks in gold 2 and gives hope that the game will survive longer


Yep. Instills hope for the future ahead. Young’uns taking on our path that we traveled.

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Its pretty much why i posted this thread :laughing: but not worried about there hits they testing there dragons and watching them fly my invader was great to with the speed demon yes i swapped a few times :laughing:

:joy::joy: that is great

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Orange and green tier dont do well on 95s :smile:

Haha yes tell me about it.

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That was the first thing I noticed when I joined Gold league, level 10s started hitting me with red dragons when I would talk in league chat. I have no idea why. Sometimes the same guy would hit me 2 or 3 times!


Probably hoping to get the base but idk what your defense is but mine is 33.2b there dragons wont take need a rider on ember or higher lvl to kill 105s so not pretty its nice to see them trying tho and wanting to play

They don’t know that. They’re just starting out. If they only knew about eldritch. They would flip out and get out the game asap lol