Getting picked on

Believe it or not they want to be hit by the dragons man it is dragons they hardly if ever going to see

I believe it all too well

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And explaining paths explaining atlas and them welling to want to learn

Oh explaining atlas. Hmm yeah that is the worst thing to do lol. Just devastates you. New player just keeps on asking what is this? What is that!?
Sometimes it makes me also forget what is what lol


Got to learn somewhere

They have no concept about anything beyond level 100
I have rookies asking level 100+ to help them revenge level 200+ amongst other things


Woah. Good luck to them clearing 200m+ bases

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Happened to me once.
Apparently you are in top list of contributions (medal count) this week?
That was the reason they attacked me :joy::joy::joy:

I also gave then tips so they don’t make the mistakes I did.

They hit me out of lc im chillin in gold2 :laughing:

I once went to gold to pirate for a week. LC is interesting. Lv 20’s brag to eachother about how they win 3/4 of their attacks. They practically worshiped the lv 100 player that was chatting.


They do :laughing:

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Is something many new players do when see Higher Ups in lower leagues, have had this happen so many times over the time been playing :joy:

Who are they? Pls tell me so I can reach out to them and recruit cough I mean…

Help them by giving them advice and encouragement, of course! :rofl:

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OK but seriously, active noobs are great! One of the best parts about joining a gold team is when there is at least one ambitious player that wants to learn about the game, genuinely wants to get good and - it’s so priceless, I can’t help but root for them.

OH and when there are two close buddies that are almost always on together and they give each other old school xp bu bc no atlas? Absolutely gold.


I was hoping this thread was actually about someone crying they were getting picked on… I was hoping for a good laugh :joy:


lmao nah man i farm and get farmed its great but its also good to see many of theses folks wanting to play and try high levels i am not going to defend to hurt em i am just letting them do what they want its nice seeing fresh faces

they do got atlas lol on some which i can assist them with xp with farms

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