Getting Sapphire Eggs for Builder Hut


My builder hut requires 4 sapphire eggs to upgrade. I have already bred Sekhem, Scorchil, Iteru and Anapa. Im almost done with Hauheset but no sign of a single sapphire egg. Please Help!!


breed apophet. you will get eggs


Eggs for builder hut means eggs from dragon you’ve got previously (seems that hatching it isn’t necessary)


So it means i breed sekhem again just for the eggs?


Is it the only way? Coz Im almost done with Hauheset as Im going for Frostbiter


No, breed appophet. That is where you will get your extra eggs. And please, please get onto one of Red’s breeding paths.


i Got Hauheset, i got frost biter , after that i bred Anapa + Sekhem = Apophet and i got 17 sapphire eggs in that


Literally, by breeding Apophet (Anapa + Sekhem) you’re breeding these 2 (forgot which one is cheaper)


Isn’t his path Icicle 1?


yeah i am following her breeding path. I was going for Frostbiter that’s why i needed to breed hauheset


Yeah that what i think im gonna do now


Thanks for the response guys!!


Icicle 1 gets Hau faster. Icicle 4 gets hut eggs faster. :man_shrugging:

Maybe I should put that on repeat… :joy:


Icicle 4


Icicle 4 doesn’t have Scorchil (I know, since I followed warped Icicle 4)


this is why i answered to the point to try curbing unnecessary discussion :rofl::rofl::rofl:
people still want to have fun with it


He’s definitely on 1. He wouldn’t be here if he was on 4.


Nope, I meant getting apo first. I misunderstood what you said probably. Sorry


Also no Frosty on Icicle 4 :wink:

Tbh I don’t get why Icicle 1 goes for Frostbiter either, but I guess if you’re going for Hau, you may as well get his classic cleaner too :man_cartwheeling:


Frost x Jul = Gorgonus, right?