Getting Sapphire Eggs for Builder Hut


frost sucks :see_no_evil:


Sorry I was thinking Icicle. Don’t mind me I crossed sapphire a while ago… :see_no_evil:


And I thought that this one is Renard :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I think Gorgonus does the job just fine as well as a cleaner.


I really couldn’t think of another reason as to why Frost’s a thing you need to breed at all on Icicle 1. :frowning:

Why not save yourself the pain of grinding him out and go for Gorgonus directly via Quetz x Kaiju? They both have cloak and c2d…


Ask Red?


:roll_eyes: Both him and Hau next breed. Guess C2D comes in pair…


yup it saves you about 20k eggs if you’re on Icicle 1 but will delay the first garnet breed by a bit I suppose. Unless you outgrew your dragons on base and trying to catch up fast with garnet dragons, there’s no need to go frostie if you’re on Icicle 1.


/ sets up with Hau
/ follows with Frost
/ needs more rage to crumble the entire middle long, tries to rewind
/ can’t.
/ follows with Gorg.

I mean, you’ll definitely clean all your bases now.


I’d rather

  • Set up with Hau
  • Clean with Renard, and you’re done :grin:


But how will you kill those pesky 700s? :sob:

edit: forum brain fart




But then how will you kill those pesky 700s? :sob:


before that - get hau -> burn 1000s of heal pots to learn hau on 300s and 400s -> think about pesky bases :see_no_evil:


Hoarding Healpots just for this, all though the damn PVP events always put a big hole on it :man_shrugging:


:scream::scream::scream: I forgot this important facts…

Bye bye 5000h :sob::sob::sob:


I’m sitting on a stash of…6 heal pots! :blush:

Don’t worry, I’ll start out by challenging myself on level 800s >:P


Reading this, I wonder what if pathox had crumble to dust (white version) instead of let’s say the freeze or death door. :joy: Sit pretty in the cloak (Regenning Rage) and press buttons twice to kill entire islands :thinking:


Nerf to Dust | White | 6 Rage
First cast does nothing. Disintegrates all towers on second cast.
(Uber rune of Nerf doubles rage capacity, purchasable at $99.99, 75% off original price.)


Well, sitting in 6 heal pots is way much better than having to burn timers for heal pots constantly…

Having no heal time for a whole season sure will help my progress…