Getting to emerald


Asking for a friend -

She hasn’t followed breeding paths, is far into her 200’s and is stuck at garnet mythic. She needs to get to emerald ASAP. Does anyone know the quickest way for her to do that? Her garnet/sapphire drags are below. She also has Sekhem in the incubator.

Thank you so much!


what Path did she used ?? Really strange, because i just need Jul Renard and Ursa and i can breed Icicle, also without Gorgonus Schorchil and Mehaten


She didn’t use any path whatsoever. I advised it for months.

Regardless, this is where she’s at now, and she needs help.


Dragon Offspring Parent Parent Tokens Spent
Hauheset Jul Renard 28,571
Ursa Gorgonus Hauheset 143,500
Icicle Jul Ursa 231,000
Ferga Icicle Jul 143,500
Kyrule Icicle Renard 143,500
Gloomclaw Kyrule Ferga 27,500
Pyrochis Gloomclaw Ursa 143,500
Stormheim Pyrochis Kyrule 220,000

Total: 1.08m
Then to any “S” Obsidian-Harbinger path on my master sheets:


Dragon Offspring Parent Parent Tokens Spent
Gloomclaw (Hauheset) Avalanche Renard 220,000
Ursa Gorgonus Hauheset 143,500
Pyrochis Gloomclaw Ursa 143,500
Icicle Jul Ursa 231,000
Kyrule Icicle Renard 143,500
Stormheim Pyrochis Kyrule 220,000

Total: 1.10m
Then onto S Rhyo 1 or S Mafic 1 only.


Thank you, although we both have those paths bookmarked. She is in a weird place, and I am looking for live advice from those more knowledgeable than us. I have perused them, trying to find the best route for her, but figured it was best to ask here.


Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you from both of us!


that was a super quick advise :star_struck::hugs:


Just red being awesome as always


I just realized, I don’t have a breeding path and I’m about to start gold tier very soon😶


Go get one! Up to blue it barely matters, in green inefficient breeding starts to cost 10 thousands of tokens. With gold you can waste 100 thousands if you mess up, it really starts to hurt.


And higher tiers get even more painful :crazy_face:




Just got a new path just in time before I started Gold tier


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