Getting wrong ticket responses

Is anyone else having issues with how tickets are being answered? I’ve been waiting on an answer from pg about something and they send me generic responses that have literally NOTHING to do with the topic I asked about. Multiple times , complete crap answers. Getting really old, PG.


Unfortunately, the help desk responses come from a contracted company who send out blanket automated responses to the most common issues (particularly when there’s a big issue affecting a large amount of the player base) to cut down on the individual responses that they need to give.

It is annoying, but also understandable when you consider that they may get a few thousand tickets in the span of a few hours and 80% of them are about the same thing and it’s something that’s already being addressed by the PG crew.

As obnoxious as it is, the best thing to do is ask to have your ticket escalated and wait for a real response.


Oh, but I’ve asked my ticket to be escalated to a PG employee and I’ve been told “ We’re all employees of PG” so I hope you have better luck.

at least u got a response, my requests for escalation always gets ignored, they don’t even comment on it lol

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It is beyond frustrating!

I understand PG employs Zendesk. But they are not all on the same level with the same capabilities.

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Remember not to bump tickets, unless asked for more details and such, and use to monitor the status of your ticket in case it gets ninja closed without a response. Bullet points are often helpful, as well as keeping it short, though mistakes can still happen.

Keep in mind that asking for a ticket to be escalated also means a smaller pool of people to handle it, so it likely means a longer wait time.

Also, if the ticket is technical in nature, there’s often not a resolution (assuming not user error and when restart/reinstall don’t work or other things you try yourself), so you can pretty much only hope that it gets forwarded to the dev/qa team or magically fixes itself.

this happens all the time to me lol, i get upset and be like “wat the hell r u saying?” and so then they respond

Literally started a ticket by saying I had already done everything they could possible ask me to do, and gave them a list. They literally responded by telling me to do things I had already stated I tried. Next i had to explain how dual booting works and also on a different account had to explain how a VM works, apparently they don’t have a clue what a dual boot is. How are these people hired for software costumer support?

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PG CS has very poor attention to detail. I have been told by PG that CS only reads the last response.

The following link was provided to me by CS on May 10. So I could keep track of developments, presumably so I would not bother CS.

Look at it. It is essentially the dev tracker last updated 9/16/17 for patch 3.60

That is the quality we get.
PG contracts these guys to take care of it’s customers yet they do not have even the most basic clue.


Talk about AI lol :rofl:

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This is beyond attention to detail.
I have one ticket where the first response was so thorough…she looked up the exact thing that was needed and asked for more info from my end…I responded…then I get some guy Jose who responds to my follow up info with some generic stuff about sync issues when completing a building… I respond back politely that my ticket has nothing to do with that, the first rep responded correctly, pls respond on topic or have her respond…3-4 days later, same guy sends me some generic msg that the sync issue with building had been resolved, and a credit of 2x 3hr timers were sent to players… I responded, this has nothing to do with his ticket. Please read my issue and respond…5 min later I get the same generic msg again word for word

Final response from me was “what’s wrong with u bud?”

@PGJared what gives lol

I filed my first ticket the other day, I explained that I still have troubles with reduced time with buildings and researches. That every building goes for full time, and every research goes for full time (eventhough I have researched a 15% faster research time).

The respons I got was:

“You have been compensated for the buildings you built”.

That was not my question. I don’t care about the timers I got back, I want to know if the problem has been fixed before the fortification event starts! I may use a bunch load of extra timers this event if the problem isn’t fixed. And the research is still going on at full time…


Just saw this post. That helped!:slight_smile:

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Happened to me a few times, maybe three of four times, then the tickets were closed.

I’ve responded telling them that the response had nothing to do with my ticket, and gotten another BS response back that was unrelated even to my reply. The initial ticket I had with them about my issue was closed before it was even resolved, and I’d been getting answers from an actual PG employee. Now I just get automated responses from ‘Jose’ :unamused::unamused::unamused:

That’s the same guy…I figure it’s a bot probably

Probably. Still pretty bad that they repeatedly say the same thing when told that’s not that problem :woman_facepalming:t3:

The initial response is a bot. After that it is someone who is paid to reply to as many tickets as possible for their various clients, not for quality. Really fitting for PG if you think about it.

I’m pretty sure Jose is a bot