Ghost Stories: 100% Ghost, 100% Real


Once upon a time, Ghost was about to leave work. It was later in the day, and Ghost walked out the back door to the start of a glorious sunset. Where Ghost works, there’s a public park that backs into the back door of the building. In the past, this is where wholesome things like community youth soccer practices and drunk a** hobos try to climb inside the building happen. No, there’s no fence. There’s a fence around the whole rest of the building, but not this part. Yes, Ghost does hear knocking at the back door of the building from time to time. Ghost learned a long time ago to never answer the door.

Anyway, Ghost is leaving when a TACO TRUCK appears and is driving across the field. While some may not know this about Ghost, tacos are a vital source of nutrition. One cannot live without tacos. So Ghost is like f*** yeaaaaaah bit**es and starts to run out the back door towards the taco truck with some cash.

As Ghost gets closer across the field, it becomes clear that the taco truck has turned around and backed up to a large pond on the edge of the field. There are two people dressed in HAZMAT suits at the back of the truck close to the edge of the pond. Ghost slowly backs away and decides that turning around and going to the car is the best course of action.

Ghost takes some roads through some neighborhoods to come to the grass “parking lot” on the other side of the park. From there, Ghost can see that the taco truck which now looks more like the original lab of Breaking Bad is still at the pond and the two people in HAZMAT suits are throwing something into the water. Ghost stealthily takes out phone to take pictures.

Ghost turns around to see about 7 gang members sitting outside of a house staring at Ghost. (Ghost works in Crip territory across from a crackhouse and the projects.) They don’t pay any attention to the imposter taco truck, just stare like Ghost is an insane person.

Ghost finishes taking pictures of the taco truck before smiling and waving at the gang members. Ghost then puts the car in drive and begins to drive away, but not before spinning out in the drainage ditch for the grass parking area. Then Ghost drives all the way home and has to order tacos instead of getting them from a taco truck.

The End

TLDR; there were no tacos.



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The angst, the taco disappointment


So, I swear when I wrote this I tagged it as Off Topic but now it’s in General Discussion. Idk if that’s a bad thing or not but feel free to generally discuss my life experiences.


Can’t wait for the sequel :grimacing:


I haven’t even read yet and now I’m intrigued but also sounds like a hoax tell me otherwise someone? I do believe ghost exist but those are the souls that aren’t allowed too rest
But hearing the words Ghost Tacos I’m like … Spooky Scary Skeletons?

Editors note: my bad I think she’s talking about her life experiences. And yes it’s a her apparently not a he :joy:





Some have asked for pictures of the taco truck.


:thinking::flushed: hmm. People can be so sure of things. Ghost is Ghost. Who knows and who cares? :man_shrugging:t2:


@VirNinja says it looks like a meth truck and nothing like a taco truck but I disagree.


How do you know Ghost isn’t a robot? :robot:

Edit: No! Ghost is obviously an alpaca :llama:


“Looks like a dead poodle”

Anyways it looks like a shipwrecked truck

I bet that was cousin Eddie’s RV not a taco truck… :rofl:

It’s not a taco truck :joy:

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Chapter Two
Ghost and the Celebrity Twin

Once upon a time, Ghost was meandering around social media when it became apparent that the newest trend was finding ones celebrity twin. Ghost’s friends were getting people like Robert Downey Jr and tons of superhero celebrities. Ghost was like heck yes I’ll bite this hook. I wanna see.

Ghost buys into it and is like here I am show me who my rich and famous doppelgänger is. It takes forever to load. Ghost patiently waits. Finally, there is a result.


Ghost is like what the fu** and tries again.


So all of Ghost’s friends are rich and powerful real people but apparently Ghost is a computer-generated malnourished hobbit with awesome teeth.

Ghost posted the result of the thing, and literally none of Ghost’s friends spoke up to be like ohhhh that’s not right, there’s no way that’s accurate.

Ghost is Gollum.

The End


Chapter Three
The Dreaded Show Choir

Once upon a time, Ghost had a dream.

In it, Ghost was invited by a friend to a bar. Drinks! :smiley: Ghost goes and is partying it up talking to all the people around and doing some hella awesome dancing to music.

The next day, Ghost gets a text from a random number. It says to go to the big building at 9am and be ready. Ghost is like wtf and calls the friend from before. They’re like “Oh ya that’s King Dread. Might not wanna be late.” Ghost is like wtfwtf?

Ghost goes to the big building where it is revealed that Dreadnought is actually the top reigning show choir, and that they are getting ready to go to the next big shabang. That means they are rehearsing endlessly with dance and song. But Ghost recognizes everyone from the bar last night. Every single one of them.

King Dread informs Ghost that the entire thing at the bar was actually a test and Ghost passed. Obviously this has to do with Ghost’s impeccable inebriated dancing skills. Ghost is like wtf? KD is like you can be part of our show choir. Ghost is like heck yes braaaaah. What do I do?

KD says that Ghost will have the part of the magical rainbow sparkle unicorn and will have three solos. Ghost is like mmkay until KD brings out the costume for the magical rainbow sparkle unicorn and then Ghost is like YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS.

They get ready for the big show and rehearse ruthlessly for days. Choreography includes flips and cartwheels. Rehearsal has worn the group down, but they feel more than ready for the competition. Right as they are about to go on stage…

Ghost wakes up.

And that is the story of how Ghost joined Dreadnought, the fiercest and most competitive show choir, as the magical rainbow sparkle unicorn.

The end.


What a twist😂

Im so disappointed I misses chapter two, how do I turn on notifications!!!

You just come and read it whenever you can lol.

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